Azur Bags for Cruise or SS 2011?

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  1. Anyone have info if there are any new azur bags coming out for Cruise or Spring/Summer 2011?

    I heard there is a new shoulder bag being released?
  2. I also have the same question.. I really want to buy a new azur this January. Hope someone can help us.... :biggrin:
  3. I think Kenzo saw some at the preview, my computer is about to die or I'd link to the thread. I think there are a few cross body or shoulder bags coming!
  4. I saw this one at TBL. Really hope it comes out I love it!! :yahoo:
  5. Thanks for your updates. I was hoping for the Delightful in Azur or just a bigger bag than the pic above...but I guess that might be another year or so.
  6. I love this bag!! So cute! I hope it comes out soon!:graucho:


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  7. I would really like some new azur, too!! I would love love an Alma BB or mon mono speedy 25. But Mr. Jacobs never returns my phone calls... :sad:
  8. I'd like an Azur Artsy...
  9. I'd love an Azur Alma!!
  10. I would also like an azur artsy!
  11. I saw the bag that EasterBunny posted at my LV yesterday --- it's really cute - will come in 2 sizes.
  12. I want delightful in azur :pout:
  13. I want an azur papillon!
  14. Hi was it for sale? or just showing some vips what are the prices?