Azur Artsy, Reverse Pochette Metis or Neonoe. Deciding today!


Jul 9, 2008
Okay - I think I have finally narrowed it down between bags. Which one gets your vote?!? Help me choose please. I am debating the metis in reverse, the azur artsy or the pink neonoe.


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Jun 15, 2014
I guess it depends on which style you prefer. Of all 3 I have the mono PM (not reverse), and it is a great cross body bag! However, it probably fits the least of all the 3 options.

I have tried on the Neo Noe and Artsy. I wanted the Artsy for a long time, but it is huge and might hurt your shoulder after awhile.

The Neo Noe was a bit bulky and it didn't look great on my frame.

My suggestion is try to on each bag in person if you have the opportunity and think of what you carry on a daily basis. My vote would obviously go for the Reverse PM. GL on your decision!


Mar 9, 2008
i agree with previous poster. each of these bags carries so differently from the others. the artsy is beautiful but not for everyone as the handle is very unusual and sometimes uncomfortable. the neonoe is really really popular right now. i am on the fence on that one as i miss the vachetta trim of previous models and i am not sure about the bulkiness. pochette metis is also really really popular. it's a great bag if you can get by with carrying less. i favor crossbody bags so i would probably choose either neonoe or pm but you should definitely try to get to a store to see how they feel on you. best of luck!


Jan 25, 2017
Definitely agree that they are very different bags, but I favor the PM. :smile: (Probably because it's on my wishlist, so I'm pretty biased!)


Apr 19, 2016
Okay - I think I have finally narrowed it down between bags. Which one gets your vote?!? Help me choose please. I am debating the metis in reverse, the azur artsy or the pink neonoe.
The 3 choices are great, however, as far as I read, just beware:

pochette metis - on and off glazing issues
Artsy - can get very heavy and have had an issue with peeling canvas before
Neonoe - a little on the bulky side with unsettled strap issues

You can research these items first to help you decide further. Thanks!


Nov 7, 2015
Agree with above. Completely different bags for use and function. Of those listed-- the Artsy in Azur would get my vote. It's gorgeous! I have this in Mono and had a hard time deciding between this and Azur. I do not find this uncomfortable. Mine is from 11-2016. Good luck!!


Feb 26, 2012
I would choose Artsy if you carry a lot or the PM if you want crossbody. I think the neo noe is lovely but I don't think it is as lovely as the others - to me if doesn't seem like it would lay nice crossbody and as a shoulder bag it's not nearly as beautiful as Artsy. I am still regretting not getting Artsy GM when it was available.


Jun 11, 2016
I own the Artsy mono and the Pochette Metis reverse. As already said other than the obvious (different bag and different cargo hold), they cary VERY differently.

The PM is handsfree and carefree whether worn cross body or any other way. I have the bandoulière strap and a black strap from another LV bag I like to experiment with and pair with the PM.

The Artsy is not quite as handsfree. I do pair it with the bandoulière strap which allows me to wear it on the shoulder and even cross body but even in canvas it is bulkier and heavier. I prefer my Artsy handheld or worn in the crook of the arm. I love my Artsy but I just don't reach for her when I know I'm going to need both my hands. I can wear it comfortably on my shoulder but it's not how I wear the Artsy.

If budget allows, you may end up getting all of them. They are such different bags, it can never be either or. Not for me anyway.


Sep 2, 2006
United States
Such great choices! here are my thoughts:
PM - I have the regular mono and LOVE it. Love love love it. It's light, can fit a surprising amount (to me anyway) and is so compact and soft and I barely knew I had it on. LOVE it. I am concerned about the glazing issues but since I bought it directly from LV, I have faith that they will take care of any issues if they arise.
NeoNoe- I had this in noir and just returned it to LV this week :sad: It was an impulse purchase and when I took it back out to try on and possibly wear, it just didn't wow me anymore. As others have mentioned, it's a bit bulky because of the square structured bottom. It's light and fit a lot which are huge pluses. I loved the inside divider, adjustable strap, and cinch top. But it can't compare to the PM for me.
Artsy - I have never owned one but the complaints of the uncomfortable strap keep me away. It's a beautiful bag and I know many on here love it for many reasons!
Out of those 3, I'd pick the PM reverse, no question but that is only my opinion. Once you get to LV and try them on, I bet there will be one that just screams your name! Can't wait to find out what you get!
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Feb 3, 2013
Lawrenceville, GA
As reported by previous poster^^^, I also have the artsy mono and reverse pm..but I also have the neonoe in pink and black and loving the heck out of them. For me, the neonoe is not bulky but I think it depends on your body frame. If you have wide hips or waistline, it may seem bulky to you. It really is the perfect size, not too big or small, holds as much as speedy 25. Reverse pm needs to be strategized when downsizing from the neonoe or speedy 25. Artsy holds the kitchen sink without thought. Completely different sizes is a formula for disaster as you may end up with all 3 eventually....


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Oct 18, 2005
Somewhere shopping
My first gut answer is Reverse Metis.
But as other posters have said it depends on your needs.

I owned the artsy when it first came out in the GM style and ended up selling it.
The handle bothered me

I have the Metis Pochette in regular and love it. So much that I bought the Reverse and Empriente recently . It's the perfect bag and fits a ton.

Neo Noe caught my eye but it may not be as comfy and functional for the long term. But I'm not speaking from experience