Azur Artsy or the Azur Figheri?

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  1. Wanting to get a new Spring/Summer bag and have decided between these two. What do you guys think?! I need your advice!!
  2. I personally like the Figheri better.
  3. Artsy!
    deff more comfortable, easy to get ur things in and out, it has an outside pocket and a zipper in love with this bag so much.. its on my wishlist
  5. +1 This is at the top of my wishlist too. Love its femininity and easy style. I'm actually going in today to try it on IRL along with the Rendez-vous. I think the Artsy looks like a deflated balloon flappin around some poor woman :lol:
  6. I tried on the GM and loved it but I also love the artsy. I have the mono artsy so maybe the Figheri is what I should buy..
  7. do a reveal here after u purchase it that would be really nice
  8. I think the Figheri is a cute azur style..
  9. Figheri Not a fan of the artsy.
  10. Love the Artsy, but both are pretty! :biggrin:
  11. Figheri!!
  12. I used to have the Figheri GM and regret selling her now :sad: I say go for the Figheri! I sold her because I was afraid of the azur and getting it dirty.
  13. Artsy!
  14. I think if you're going to go for a high maintenance color like DA, then you should go all out and get the artsy (which is a bag your buy for beauty over function)!!