Azur-any problems???

  1. Well my friend's husband tried to buy her a Azur Speedy but they were sold out so he ordered it for her. She is very excited but now wants to know if anyone has has problems with the color pattern? I thought I heard someone say the possibility of yellowing? I don't have anything azur and am not familar with the line and really have no answers for my friend. If anyone has had any problems with their azur items can I ask what they were?

    Happy New Year................................
  2. No problems with mine...
  3. I love the Azur. I saw the new Berkley Azur bag yesterday at the Saks LV in Raleigh, NC and it was stunning. I love the brass plate on the bag.
  4. Have a number of pieces...they are great. I think yellowing was a nasty rumor by those that couldn't stand it when it came out.
  5. I've had my speedy over a year now and it still looks great. No yellowing or anything. I've never heard of that.
  6. No yellowing, but it does have a rep for picking up denim transfer - so be a little careful with dark denim. The bright side with that is with the help of baby wipes and magic eraser... it'll look new!
  7. No problem so far.
  8. yup no azur problem so far too :smile:. i wiped down ice cream from the canvas with just tissue papper and it's still wonderful :love:.
  9. Any azur owners apple guard their leather?! I said something to the SA and she gave me this long speech about how it will darken it and all this bad now I am scared to use the apple guard protector. Opinions?!?!
  10. The azur CANVAS is prone to colour transfer (eg from dark jeans)

    Yellowing on the ZIPPER fabric does occur, I've seen it on some display models (as well as for the antigua white +navy striped one)
  11. ^^^ Interesting... thanks for the info Cec! :smile:
  12. Good stuff to know, I'm about to order an Azur. Thanks!
  13. ^^^That's good to know, thanks for that info!
  14. hmm, that is good to know about the azur...i wonder if there's a protectant to put on it to deter the zipper from changing color?
  15. no problems with mine. i used it practically the entire summer of '07. i love mine!