Azur and Gris Bandeau a perfect match!

  1. I originally thought of getting this for my Lilac epi petit noe, but realized that it is a perfect match for the Azur speedy!!


    Azur bandeau.jpg
  2. That is DEFINTELY a perfect match!!!! I love that!
  3. Wow looks great!!
  4. Looks great! I have them both too. :yes:
  5. Congrats, they look beautiful together, perfect match!
  6. Very pretty.
  7. It looks gorgeous together!
  8. Wow Lovely.
  9. Beautiful!
  10. yeah, it's really cute, love it!!!
  11. it does look fab. :yes:
  12. Looks lovely!
  13. they definitely look great together!
  14. Very pretty!
  15. Beauty, Congrat's and enjoy!