Azur and Eluxury

  1. The Azur French Purse was just available on I flipped back while thinking about grabbing it and **poof** all gone! Insanity!

    Sheesh...I don't think I'll ever get my Azur :hysteric: from Eluxury.
  2. I've got it in my bag right now... it just popped back up.
    Post when you're ready and I'll release it... k?
  3. When I checked this morning, they have Azur Pochette Cles too, but then when I checked again an hour later, it's all gone. Gosh, people are fast!
  4. CONGRATS!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  5. You rock Emily!!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!! :wlae: :yahoo:
  6. haah! it'll be available soon.. there is actually one on there right now!!
  7. Congrats, cityshopper! Emily rocks!
  8. Congrats! Hope you get it for sure!
  9. Yeah, azur on elux goes like hotcakes. Get your azur while its hot. LOL
  10. wow.......
  11. Woo hoo!!! Congrats!