1. more pics of the Azur and Cruise Line!!

    all pics taken from Flickr: Photos from chuvaness
    254873194_2eb61c8e0a_m.jpg 254872881_6e8ab96a59_m.jpg 254872526_494f84e550_m.jpg
  2. shoes!!
    254869917_5bee530b40_m.jpg 254867292_e5e5a40ec8_m.jpg 254866957_bbca502a4f_m.jpg
  3. and the lovely AZUR!!!
    254865778_262c2cb848_m.jpg 254865284_1a56ad80a2_m.jpg 254864277_79fa9a30b2_m.jpg
  4. more more more!!
    254863634_6f34d6e1c9_m.jpg 254862942_13582af53b_m.jpg 254862472_c83e8d2a8b_m.jpg 254861816_14e8b8cfbe_m.jpg
  5. :drool: OMGoodies....I love this new line!! im hyperventilating!!:drool:
  6. I want the Speedy... now!!! :hysteric:
    Thanks for sharing ajamesgrly!
  7. Those shoes are so funky!

    Thanks for the pics Jamie!!
  8. Me TOO!! :hysteric: and the mini pochette to go with it!:hysteric:
  9. OMG!!! I am freaking out! I want an AZUR SPEEDY NOW!NOW! NOW!:hysteric: Why oh why do we have to wait so long:sweatdrop:

    Thanks for the pics sweetie:flowers:

    i want the mini poch. accessoires, the speedy and the saleya (not pictured) in damier azur!

    i also love the second denim cruise bag!!!

    too much bag to buy LOL
  11. they are so funky but fun! I wouldn't consider buying them, but I do love the black ones!
  12. Gosh!
    The Damier Azur speedy 30 are Killing me!
    also the new cruise line....!!!:wtf: :heart: :wtf: :heart: :wtf: :heart: :wtf: :heart:
  13. Irene (LVaddict)...if you read must get the Noe!!:yahoo:
  14. Thanks for sharing the pix. I wonder if the shade of damier azur is supposed to be more blue-ish or beige/yellow-ish IRL?
  15. Thanks for the pictures. Anyone has French purse picture?