Azur already on ebay!!!

  1. Don´t tell me these things!! My ban.must.hold.
  2. Specifically targeted at those without patience I gather :lol:

    I've watched it, I think it's going to to through the roof?
  3. She has a reserve.....I wouldn't be surprised if she wants over retail for it....not worth it imho
  4. ^Very true. Better off waiting for it at the boutique or elux.
  5. it's gorgeous!!!!
  6. Guess somebody didn't know it was a permanent line.:rolleyes:
  7. Love It
  8. She probably has it priced way over retail right?

  9. ITA
  10. i saw this earlier today and thought 'wow that was fast!'. i like looking at all the pics of it though on the auction.
  11. I know! I was surprised that it was on eBay so soon. I just don't understand, why would anyone pay more for it on eBay when there is eluxury.
  12. The cles I ordered through elux is on backorder.. which stinks!
  13. some people probably don't know there's eluxury. some people might not even have access to a Louis Vuitton store near them. and some people do love to shop on eBay.

    i think the seller bought a lot of those and is trying to make a profit by selling them on ebay.
  14. it sure does look pretty, but i will wait and buy it on elux instead.
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