AZUR Agenda on ELUX, hurry there are only 3!!

  1. :drool: OMG Someone needs to snatch those up!
  2. gone now!! you snooze, you lose!! check back though, they might pop back up
  3. Oh I hope it was fellow tPFers that picked them up!
  4. ok 2 still available!! and don't forget there's FREE SHIPPING!!
  5. Whoops, only 1 now... Go! Fast!!
  6. Just wanted to let people know that there are lots of azur pieces at LV in Tucson AZ, including agendas, french wallets, pochettes, and speedys. I dunno what else they had but there were a lot. Also, there were a few denim cruise pieces left. Hope this helps someone!!
  7. I think people like to shop on elux cuz then they don't have to pay tax and they also get 3% cash back from ****** but thanks for posting as elux helps me out none since I am in CA and we pay tax on EVERYTHING!!
  8. Exactly!! :yes: