Azur Agenda - disappointed with it...

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  1. So fed ex brought my small agenda today, and i don't know what to do... so tell me what you all think. It's pretty, but so flimsy, since I can't ever get to an lV store, I wasn't able to touch one before I bought it. It's so flimsy that it seems cheapy to me. Are all the agendas that way? Are any of them a little bit more rigid that this? Maybe the vernis? I mean the cover can bend all the way forwards and back, I'd ruin this thing in a heartbeat. And then, the front cover, when closed, doesnt match up with the back cover, like one side is shorter than the other, but it's not, they just dont match up when its closed, is that normal too? I don't know what to do, but I'm so disappointed...:sad:
  2. my agenda does the same thing with the cover. i thought it was because i bought it preowned on ebay but maybe not. maybe that's just the way they are.

    i have a medium mono and i think it could bend too, but i still think it's pretty durable.

    if you don't like it though- def don't keep it! get one you'll love!
  3. I'm sorry to hear that. I don't know anything about agenda's but I hope you find one you like. Are you going to return it?
  4. I am thinking about returning it for another style, if they are a bit more durable. I like the framboise vernis too, so may do that instead...
  5. I have the Azur agenda. It's purrrrrfectly fine. Mine closes puurrrrrfectly. I didn't try bending mine all the way back... just did it.. Why on earth would you do that to your agenda??? My cover match up when I close it. Maybe you should ring the place you purchase it from and to confirm that your agenda is puuurrrrfect. Just make sure.

    I love the light interior. It's very soothing. :smile:
  6. My groom agenda cover is soft too. I like it but if you're not happy you should return it and get something you'll love.
  7. I sorry to hear you dont like it.
  8. The framboise vernis is gorgeous, I say you go for this one if you return the azur ;)
  9. My frambroise vernis agenda is pliable, but not flimsy
  10. i bought an agenda off of elux like two months ago...i was so not just wasn't in my mind worth half the price of a back it went...but only you can decide to keep it and if its worth what you paid for it

    personally i'm just as happy with my cheap planners
  11. I think all the agendas are able to bend, I have a multicolore PM and a vernis PM. I think only the Epi ones are more stiff. However, even if it bends, I don't mind because the canvas is really tough. Like...even the vernis, although the surface is prone to staining, the material itself is still very strong.
  12. My Koala small ring agenda is just fine, none of the problems listed. Maybe take it to a store for them to see if there is something wrong with it.
  13. mine is 'flimsy' too without the interior fittings.. but it's sturdy with everything inside it. :smile:
  14. i think that happens to all canvas panda agenda's covers are able to bend too but i try not to mess it up

    if u want a more solid agenda...maybe u can have it exchanged for a vernis or even an MC, those are stronger than the canvas :smile:
  15. ^Not so much MC since it's canvas also.. it's only a bit sturdier because of the extra vachetta trim and gold/brass hardware on the corners.