Azul Too Gray!

  1. So my SA showed me all the pieces and I held them under different lighting and was so dissapointed at the lack of any blue. I might end up with the really large Sayela because of the outside zipper pocket but since the Mirror is coming out soon I might hold off on it. He showed me pics of more denim stuff and it was nice.
  2. I mean Azur!
  3. Is there any purple tint? Blue would have been pretty, oh well.
  4. No tint....even the SA admitted it's gray! I really wanted to walk out of there with one of the pieces but I needed to think about it.
  5. Oh...Is it a pretty grey??? Azur...doesn't that name sound like "This is summer blue?" or is it just me?
  6. I like the Azur.
  7. Hmm I saw the Azur in person as well...there is definitely charcoal gray in the color but there is also blueish purple as well:smile:
  8. Maybe under natural sunlight it will look nicer! The fluorescent lights they use in stores can be awfully garish. Don't give up on it yet!
  9. Now, I'm dying to see what it looks like IRL.. Everyone is saying diff things. :biggrin:
  10. Yay! I was actually hoping it wouldn't be so purple! :nuts:
  11. azur is actually a color, right? (sp?) AZURE, maybe the lightings are too bright to show the bluish side... oh well its pretty enough for me anyway :smile: everyone else' comment arent the same, so it might be pretty for someone and not to others. oh well. :smile:
  12. I think it's the lighting too cause when I went to LV last weekend, it has a purplish hue which I thought was pretty but quite different and unexpected from what I saw on the pictures. It's definitely not the grey I thought it'd be though.