Azap Wallet Query??

  1. I find the Bern Wallet too small. For me, I don't like the way it buldges open. That is even with a card case. Today my SA showed me two styles of Azap wallets (I cannot remember the particular names). Both have zippers, one with a change compartment in the middle and a bigger one that could also be used for travel or hold paper for notes. Does anyone have either of the azap wallets?? Do you use them as your regular wallet? I am tempted but want to know how happy fellow pfers are.
  2. i've seen the larger one and i've been tempted to get it! i keep all my receipts in my bearn and it's bulged open before! i guess it needs to go on a diet...i also love all the charge card slots, i usually stuff my extra ones behind the card slots in my bearn...
  3. There are 3 Azap wallets

    1) Azap Vertical - which is the smallest and has 4 card slots, 2 side slits for more cards or receipts, a coin compartment, and a long slit for dollar notes. The coin compartment is with a press button

    2) Azap Long - this comes with a zipper coin compartment and 12 card slots, and 2 long slits on both sides for dollar bills.

    3) Azap Financial - this is the newest edition. It's like the Azap Long, except that it has no coin compartment.

    There are photos of (1) and (2) on this forum.

    I have 2 Azap Longs and 1 Azap Vertical. I use my Azap Long everyday as my daily wallet because it holds so much .... after a long day, it's loaded with shopping receipts. With its design, receipts won't fall out when you open up the wallet.
  4. Thanks MrsSparkles. Based on that I saw the Azap Long and the Azap Vertical. Does anyone use these regularly??
  5. Here's the interior picture of the Azap Long

  6. Mrs S, do you know the current price on that?

    (please note, I am only on a SCARF ban)
  7. It was S$3200 (USD2120) when I bought it before the price increase. I will be going to the store later, so I can check for you and post back here.

    It's more expensive than the Bearn because of the workmanship that goes into it.

    Sus, I would recommend that you get the Azap Long. The price difference between the Azap Long and Azap Vertical, IMO is not a whole lot, and yet the Azap Long can hold so much more.
  8. Thanks MrsS!! Those zippers really kick these small items up a lot. $1200 more and you can get a swift kelly pochette!!!

    This azap is a wonderful item!

  9. But I never see a Kelly pouchette at my store .... Sigh. When will be the day ....
  10. MrsSparkles ~ If that is the Azap Long, then I saw another that was larger. Must have been the financial but it had a side coin pocket and lots of card slots. I'm wondering whether anyone has this.

    Cobaltblu ~ The Azap Long pricing depends on what leather you pick. It comes in Epsom (the least expensive), Chevre Mysore and Evergrain (and maybe a couple of others). The price was @ $2225 for the Epsom and only a hundred or two more for the chevre.
    The bigger one (financial??) came also in ostrich and wasn't too much more money either. I will call my SA for details tomorrow.
  11.!! Only on a scarf ban - well you could have a lotta scarves for the price of the azap!! I have the long as well in cyclamen - haven't been using it lately..but love it! I love that it's secure in my purse - and I can just grab and go with that if I so holds a lot! but is still sleek - I purchased mine last summer and it was 1900..ouch! The worst part was dh opened it and almost had a cow!! He did confiscate it for a bit but I found it and took possession - he wasn't impressed with the cost lol....what can I say??
  12. OH, shoes thats my fear, that DH will cost with item...and blow my whole "dont ask/dont tell system." He hasnt noticed my new bearn... every time he says do you have any cash, I jump up and get it, when I used to say..."yea, in my wallet!!" LOL

    Sus -- thanks for the info!

    MrsS, I am so sorry your store doesnt have the little kelly pochette. I feel so in :heart: with the rouge lizard with RH..... ~~~~~sigh~~~~~
  13. Sus, if you get this wallet that you see, then I think you're going to be the first to own the Azap Financial. It's a new wallet for 2007.

    I only know of the Azap Financial by sheer description of it. The SA in charge of small leather accessories at my store alerted me to it, only because she knows I am such a big fan of the Azap. I shall check with her if one has arrived at our store, and give you a proper report on it. She did say the Azap Financial has no coin compartment. Hmm .... maybe she missed a fine detail when she viewed the sample in Paris.
  14. I have an Azap Long on order - I ADORE this wallet! I looked at a few in NY, and came away with a Bearn and a card case, as they didn't have an Azap that I liked (colour-wise)....but I stil can't wait to get my Azap long!! (Rose Shocking Chevre Mysore!)
  15. I use the AZAP long as my daily wallet...LOVE it!!!