Azap wallet anyone??

  1. I think I would like a wallet that zips around completely, as I have a Prada nylon one now and I really love that I can carry that as almost a clutch in a store at times....does anyone have a pic of the azap (I believe this is what I want thanks to Lucy explaining!)?? Would love to see a pic...;)
  2. I don't have a pic but they are really pretty in person. :smile: I'll be on the lookout for a pic for you.
  3. Thank you crochet! It sounds pretty comparable size-wise to my current one, and I love the safety of the zip around....I'll have to call some stores!
  4. Shoes....check the LZ web-site. Pete just updated it for new items and there are a few zip-around pieces (mostly agendas right now) there that MIGHT be what you're looking for design-wise.

    (check out that Blue Jean Croc agenda! Oh dear Lord....if I needed one I'd be in BIG trouble!)
  5. Shopmom -- what's the URL of the site you reference here?
  6. OMG Shopmom that agenda is beautiful!!! Don't need one ...don't need one though - right??!!! Wallet! Thanks for the link though - it's always good to check them out (and I have purchased from them too!)
  7. This means that it was a "sale" item. I never mind that there may be an "S" on my accessories but some people do.
  8. That's what I thought, but I wasn't sure --- so I checked with the experts!! :flowers:
  9. Shoes:

    I think Atlanta might have a couple. I mentioned to my SA that I was thinking about getting a Globtrotter zip agenda to use as a travel wallet and she said she had a zip around wallet. I didn't look at it because I want an agenda so I can attach a notebook.
  10. Thanks Dianagrace! I think I found one at the NYC store - they will ship and I'll check it out....