Azap or Kelly wallet - in a 32 cm sellier Kelly...??

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  1. Fishfood is too blame...:biggrin:...but I am seriously considering getting an azap long wallet, which I think will better suit my life now. I have a new baby, heading back to work in a week, and I am looking for a wallet that is clutchlike and will hold my phone inside when running errands. Basically, I need it to double as something I can throw into my diaper bag but will also work in my new box 32 cm sellier Kelly. My thought is the azap is best because it's thin when zipped with no protruding hardware. I think the Kelly wallet, while totally gorgeous, will be too big in the kelly and take up more room in an already pretty tight space.

    I have a compact bearn wallet and, while I LOVE it, it's too small and at times a bit cumbersome to get in an out of, i.e. I find closing it a little time consuming because the strap doesn't always slide smoothly into the H hardware.

    So, I am curious what ya'll think. And if you have any pictures of either of these wallets in your sellier Kellys, I'd love to see them.

  2. I'm interested to hear opinions too, I'm looking into wallets lately.
  3. kelly long wallet does take up quite a lot of space in my kelly 28 retourne but i still have enough space in there for my mobile, house keys including two car keys, small makeup pouch and few other knick-knacks. so in a 32 sellier, it might be slightly more spacious.
  4. Interesting loves, would you by chance have a picture of the kelly wallet in your 28 cm kelly?
  5. ozzysmom if you don't mind waiting i can take a pic of it when i get hold of my camera tomorrow, i'll post it up here :smile:
  6. Absolutely! Thank you!
  7. glad to help :P watch this space
  8. I like the idea of a mini kelly in side a larger .. like a nesting effect^ eg. the constance wallet in a larger constance bag^:P
  9. Have you looked at the Azap Combined Wallet? It lies very flat when zipped.
  10. I have a 32cm Kelly bag. My Kelly wallet fits well in it with my other items. I recently purchased a Tiffany zippered wallet which is the same size as my KL wallet. It has a sleek look in the 32cm bag. It does appear to take up less space. Happy wallet hunting!
  11. I have a 28 kelly and 25 kelly. My kelly wallet P-Feuille fits beautifully in both. It is just a tad smaller than a kelly long wallet but makes all the differences. I'd suggest looking at the smaller kelly wallets. Good luck - this is a fun problem to have!
  12. Oh, I have both these things! Wait and I'll take a snap, then see if I can post it... :lol:
  13. Okay lets see if this works... I've included the Dogon compact as this is my everyday wallet, I use the Kelly wallet as a clutch, or a wallet which fits my phone and keys!

    32cm sellier BBK and Kelly wallet
    BBK, Kelly wallet and Dogon compact
    Kelly wallet in BBK
    Kelly wallet flat on bottom of BBK

    Apologies for the crappy photos, they're taken with the iPhone but hopefully you get the idea! :biggrin:

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  14. Wow, that's a lot more room than I was imagining. Thanks so much TwoBBKs!
  15. Those look stunning together! Do you have other H bags (non-Kelly) and how do you find those wallets work in those?