Azap or Bearn?

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Which wallet model?

  1. Bearn

  2. Azap

  3. Something else

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. My question is-which one you prefer and why?

    Bearn is very elegant, but Azap is simply more convinient and fits more, I carry a lot including insurance cards and various IDs.
    I gave up on croc leather for everyday items because it's too high maintenance for me, and my choice in Chèvre, but would like to know if there are any owners of Epsom wallets and their thoughts.

    Thank you in advance for your input.
  2. Hi Lucy,
    I think the Dogon combined wallet is really elegant, and the Bearn is nice too. However, if your priority is being able to carry a lot of cards, etc. then you would probably be better off with the Azap. It has 12 credit card slots, so that seems to suit your needs better.

    Good luck with your decision!
  3. I have a Bearn and love it. It makes me smile everytime I took it out. However, if you have a lot to carry, you might want to pick the AZAP. I think the Bearn is elegant but doesn't hold as much as the AZAP.
  4. I forgot about Dogon! It was my very first H purchase actually.

    It was a smaller model and it was great, the only minus with it was that little closure thingy pulling in and out, same issue with Bearn.
  5. Azap is the only Hermes wallet that holds a LOT of cards. It's ridiculously expensive so I ended up with a no-name leather wallet I bought at a dog show for $65. That was 3 years ago and it has held up very well and still looks great. There is just no way I would ever pay the price of an Azap for a wallet but many do.
  6. What are you, guys, thinking leather-wise?

    I agree that everything H (and amongst wallets Azap especially, maybe because of a lot of work in it and size?) is ridiculously expensive. But! I carried my Dogon for a little more than 6 years for every_single_day and then consigned it through AFF. It went for 70% of retail I paid for it. Sounds like a good deal to me :smile:
  7. i am using a chevre bearn and an epsom kelly wallet, i prefer epsom for the wallets. chevre feels fragile and dents easily. my epsom kelly wallet does not show any wear, and i don't baby my stuff. i don't like zippered wallets so I am biased!

    don't own the Azap so can't comment but if you have lots of cards, what about the tri-fold bearn?
  8. Azap is my vote

    Simple nice practical wallet
  9. Honestly, I just wouldn't spend that much on a wallet. I use the Louis Vuitton Zippy wallet, which is just like the Azap, as far as style and design. It wears like iron, and holds a ton. They also have it available in different colors now, I will probably get another when this wears out, but I don't think that will ever happen.
  10. I understand your dilemma. I used to have a Bearn, but it was not large enough. Bought a Kelly wallet, but it was too much hassle with the straps. The Azap was the perfect solution. It has a ton of space and is easy to get in and out. Mine is in chevre.
  11. I like Azap a lot, but I cannot justify the price, therefore I am on the hunt for a Silk'in Long Wallet in a nice pop of colour. They are Epsom outside, so should be quite sturdy, while I am sure the beautiful silk interior will make me smile each time I will open it :smile:
  12. I agree with MaggyH. You could probably try to search for a long silk in wallet. The recent silk in wallets have a little book that comes with them, saying that H will maintain the silk interior of the wallet if there is wear and tear. The Epsom exterior leather is durable imo. There are a lot of color combinations too :smile:
  13. i just feel more secure using a zipper wallet if i carry a lot of cards and whatnots.

    crocodile is not delicate. i use croc wallet everyday and have a azap like croc wallet for travel as well as multiple croc SLGs. both are non H and have held up very well and gained beautiful patina over the years. croc and other exotics is not as delicate as you might think.

    on the other hand, chevre is gorgeous but very delicate. my one year old Globetrotter is full of impression marks and dents. i would hesitate using chevre for SLGs (except calvis) going forward.

    epsom is nice and quite hardy (i have a SD27 in that) but don't have anything SLG in epsom so can't comment. the main concern from what i've read is corner wear which will NOT be reparable.

    i think SilkIn may have the most price/performance ratio (if there is ever such a thing for H SLGs) of all. but in the end, you need to like it as you will look at it everyday!

    good luck with your decision!
  14. Bearn! I love my alligator bearn in orange! It is so classic and rare.
  15. I just love the elegant design of the bearn. For my extra cards (store loyalty cards, etc) I have a calvi - which holds heaps of cards. I also have a Clarisse PM with some cards in it but this only holds a few.