and their shipment of the Amore print!

  1. ok ladies, i just received an email from an SA from letting me know that they just got their shipment of Amores in!! the styles they currently have are: bambino, buon viaggio, dolce, bambinone, denaro, caramella, gioco. if you see something you like, msg her on AIM at "anitastylist" otherwise email her at or call 866-344-7231. PHEW! they cant help with print placement because they dont have the shipment physically with them :[ s:huh:o...if you dont mind what you get, here you go! i believe theres a discount code for azaleasf as well...something about 10% off?
  2. wahhhh...i want an amore bambinone! =]
  3. :sad: No zucca!!
  4. It is too bad they don't have the styles I'm interested in. I checked out their website today but they didn't have any amore pics up yet.
  5. Kawaii they haven't carried the zucca and I wrote them asking if they would and they said NO.

    Another thing w/them...they carry the bambino but it retails everywhere for $108 and they have it for $120 :wtf:
  6. you know... i've only seen a zucca in person once i think
  7. I wonder why no stores carry that baffles me :confused1:
  8. Yeah, I probably won't be able to find a bag...
  9. thats why you order from Pulse :] i've never seen a zucca IRL either...i wonder why?

    and Azalea said that they wouldnt be posting the Amores on the site for another week so thats why its not up yet. They have dolces but i want a specific section of the print and they cant help w/ print placement...what to do? x[
  10. momo.chan: why dont u preorder dolce from pulse?
  11. what styles do azaleasf carry? TIA
  12. bubblesung - you know what...i'm not sure hahahaha! but its not like i HAVE to have it...i guess thats why? i'm happy just waiting for it to come in to stores so i can pick my own :]
  13. Azumie - bambino, buon viaggio, dolce, bambinone, denaro, caramella, gioco