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  1. Hey AZ Lv Lovers...

    Is anyone else going to the VIP party at LV Wednesday night?:confused1: I was just invited today...:yahoo:
  2. SERIOUSLY?!? i can't be the only TPFer going, am I???

  3. boslvuton that's how I'm feeling I the only tPFer in Norway who is invited to VIP party on friday 30th???? :crybaby:Anyhow I decided to take a vacation to Italy instead and my SA told me to come one day at closing time and we'll drink some champagne:tup:
    Goodluck...hope some tPFers from your area shows up...enjoy yourself!
    Best wishes
  4. i'll be there. so there will be atleast 2 pfers there. ;)
  5. I am not being invited, so you guys have a good time.
    waiting for the good news...
  6. Can't wait to hear an update/see pics!
  7. Congrats!!

    What does it take to become VIP?

    An LV VIP, wow!