AZ Louis Meet?

  1. Are there any fellow Louis lovers in central AZ? I'd love to join a meet up!
  2. I would too:yes:. Maybe we can have one at Fashion square, or The Biltmore one day:tup:. Would that be good? Anyone else in AZ interested?:smile:
  3. I would be!! I can't wait for the Biltmore LV Store to open!! November baby!!
  4. any updates on this!? Are we AZ girls ever going to meet?
  5. I would love to meet up! Let's get organized!
  6. Hey, I'm game. Is the Biltmore shopping center in Phoenix good? It's at 24th st. and Camelback Rd. I thought that could work well, if it's good for others. Would love to meet everyone. I could go any day, but figure a Sat. or Sunday is usually best for most people. Everyone in AZ who is interested, should we shoot for a weekend sometime in Feb? A couple of hours in the afternoon? To be honest a no kids deal works best, I believe.
  7. Hi, I would love to join you for a tpf girls meet! I live in Scottsdale! Kidfree would be nice, i agree, which means Saturdays are best for me when DH is home. Or even a weekday evening for drinks, maybe a late afternoon shop at LV @ Fashion square or at the biltmore Saks new boutique and then drinks afterwards...

    I can pm the organizer with me cell and eamil address! hope to hear from you gals! :tup:

  8. A Saturday sounds perfect to me. I like the afternoon meet-up with drinks following idea too!
  9. I love this Idea!!!:yahoo:but I'm good with any day, really. Ok, now who's organizing this!? I went to the biltmore location recently and its actually just a little shop with a decent but small selection... I really think that FS would be a better location to shop/browse at, especially since its larger and the new epi colors will be coming in anytime now!:p
  10. I really wish I could go ...
  11. Oooo I wanna meet up! I'm at NAU in Flagstaff but totally would want to come down and meet everyone at some point, my family lives in scottsdale :smile:

    Fashion Square would be great, all the SA's there are nice. I didn't even know that there was one in the biltmore (I feel so out of it being up here!) haha

    But I can't do drinks unfortunately... under 21... (just 1 more year for me, its agonizing haha) :tdown:

    I'm down for whenever!! I'd totally be down for next saturday :graucho:, hopefully my miroir cosmetic bag will be in :yahoo:
  12. I thought I give a try to this old post....did you guys met ? I am curious...I live in Scottsdale too and recently joined this great purse forum.
  13. I would still be up for it. I'll just throw this out there to get it rolling...What if we say fashion square maybe a weekend in September. Maybe a Saturday or Sunday afternoon? Do we have people who are still interested?
  14. This sounds great! Please count me in, I am in ScottsdAle! The only bad day for me is Sunday the 14th! I can pm you my cell if you want to put a list together! TIA! Trish
  15. Well I am always interested in going to the mall. I love FS. I'm not planning to adquire anything from LV as I just bougth a wallet. However, I am thinking wether or not to do an exchange of my wallet. So, I am open.