Ayshaa's collections!

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  1. great collection and great photos!!
  2. Love your collection!!! :woohoo:
  3. Wow! Beautiful collection! :nuts: My fave, by far, is your MJ Kari!! :drool: Thx for sharing!
  4. fashionaddict89: Thank you :biggrin: The till hobo is very nice and roomy! I've used it a lot while I was on my trip and had a lot of compliments!

    stylishxmissy: Thank you!! I am very happy with this collection, I can go casual and dressy with these!

    : Thank you so much hun!

    : Thank you sweetie :biggrin: I wish I could display it the way you do lol

    accio sacculus
    : Thank you :biggrin: The kari is quite special isn't she? I had to wait 2 months to get it lol long story!
  5. Great collection!
  6. amazing collection!!!i love those tod's bags~~~:yahoo:
  7. beautiful!
  8. your gucci with hearts is so cute !!! :smile:
  9. gorgeous collection and i must say some great photography skills. really brings out the beauty of the bags.. looks like a showroom!
  10. Just fabulous! Thanks for sharing!
  11. What a beautiful collection :yahoo:!!! Love your Tods...
  12. Ayshaa, I love your collection! Everything is beautiful!
  13. ayshaa, your collection is outstandingly elegant.

    Of course I love your :heart: Gucci (coz we're bag twins) but there is not a single bag that is less than perfect, each in their own way.

    Breathtaking collection :tender: thank you for showing.
  14. Love the Tod's hobo and the Marc Jacobs bags. :heart:
  15. Great collection!