Ay up...from the sale already?

  1. LOL I thought the same thing when I saw it. That was really quick!! Beautiful color!
  2. Could be, looks rather wrinkled though!
  3. I am not too sure about the colour unless it is the photographs as my Indigo Blue is not the same as that blue!!!
  4. It does look rather wrinkled!! I am thinking it must be the camera, the colour looks off!
  5. It looks like a very vibrant shade of blue in comparison to the web site but I have never seen it in real life.
  6. mmmmmmmmmm,says its new?? BUT does look a tad on the wrinkly side. Hahahahaaa!!! Someone should e-mail her and say she's too expensive!!! They last went on at £198 did'nt they?? AND I'm sure they are onlt £295 in the outlets!!! Hahahaha!! I know you have to wait for the colors to come in at the outlets,but they are'nt as wrinkly and expensive as THAT!!!!

  7. I do this all the time when i`m bored the kids in bed and Justin away, nuisance e-mails to fake Mulberry sellers :nuts:

    Actually it really pi**es me off to see fake bags at silly prices , just out to rip people off !!!
  8. mmmmmmm,think I might have a go at that myself!!!:nuts::roflmfao:
  9. Haha, ok which one of you e-mailed the seller about the colour not looking right, the question appeared at the bottom of the page.....but the shocker is it sold for £280! :wtf:
  10. Crazy !!

    Why , do people do this all the time on eBay , I once sold achilds playset on eBay it had originally cost £30 , I then sold it on eBay a year later for £35 ???
  11. I actually think it's genuine.
    Mine came out at that colour when the flash was on.
    Mine is also a little wrinkly but looks worse in the light (flash) I think because it's buffalo leather??