Ay, que rico!

  1. Last night, when I was sitting at the computer (on tPF, of course) my parents came home from work. My dad handed me a Spanish-language newspaper (my degree is in the language and I'm planning on teaching it). It's called Panorama and I believe it is only distributed in parts of Pennsylvania, but what to my wandering eyes should appear? The front page was of a model HOLDING AN LV BAG(I think it was the patchwork speedy)!!!!:nuts:

    The whole article was on the "new" femenine touches in fashion and Marc Jacobs being a major player in the fashion world and there were two more pics LV bags: a Damier speedy (possibly the 30, it was hard to tell) and the other bag was the one that has all the buttons all over it (I'm still very new to LV, so I'm sorry I don't know the proper name...but I think it was a LE). :wlae:

    Anyway, if any of you folks live in PA and are desperate to collect pics of LV, check your local newstands (Panorama is a FREE paper, too).

    Just wanted to share!
  2. I would love to see it! Can you scan the newspaper? I love editorials.
  3. LV is also in the August 2007 edition of Marie Claire.
  4. Thanks for the imfo.
  5. I have notices that marie claire always post pics of LVs with their models. ITs so nice to see that . BY the way i love the Title of the thread. !