Bum Chum
Jan 27, 2006
Dang - my SA in Amsterdam just called me (I hung up on PHH when I saw the caller ID), they've got a 35cm Black with Palladium in Taurillon Clemence. I've ordered one in Togo so passed.

She said she immediately thought of me when she saw it this morning and said it would in no way affect my SO or being called if one comes in earlier. Phew!

I'm so pleased that she called me with the offer, but feel stinky having to say no. Bummer, but hey, I know that there'll be someone else more than happy to take it.

She's a complete sweetie though, she even sent me a Xmas card (which is now at the framers).

So, that's been my morning!


Aug 28, 2006
Cal I had to see what this thread was about given the header and also who posted....... LOL.

I think wise choice re the togo and the clemence. I ordered a clemence birkin for the SIL and she passed on it, but I will take it based on the colour (ebene). But all other factors ie colour and hardware being equal, I think u're wise to stick with your order.