Awwwww my next purchase right after the new year

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  1. right after the new year

  2. I hold it just now and wear it too.. For a large bag, it's real pretty on me.. Enjoy!
  3. whos the designer???
  4. Isabella Fiore
  5. oh thanks - how much do they retail for??
  6. It's beautiful. Is the strap adjustable?
  7. How are IF bags? I have limited experience with them. What is their strong point?
  8. All IF bags are looking pretty much the same now:
    Leather Hobos with great details.

    What happened to the Rabbit, Pig, and Swiss Miss bags? It's like Isabella lost her bedazzler.
  9. When I first saw that bag, I thought it was a Betsey Johnson. It reminds me so much of one of her bags....

  10. Yeah, Betsey Johnson has similiar embellished leather bags that I like a lot. And they are a couple hundred bucks cheaper!
  11. Loving the IF!!!!:love:
  12. the reason i love my Audra so much is because the pebbled leather is actually SOFT - which is so hard to find, even in much more expensive bags *ahem, marc jacobs*. i love the look of pebbled leather, but i hate it's stiffness, so maybe i'm a little hard to please, but IF got it just right.

    the audra is one of her more mainstream bags, though. there's enough embellishment to make it special without going overboard - i simply can't stomach some of her stuff.
  13. Is this a Betsey Johnson bag? I love it!!!
  14. heavensent, congrats! That's a gorgeous bag!
  15. yeah i think it's called the good girl hobo