awwwww.. Green!! like that new Car Smell, but better!

  1. nothing like the smell of a new car?? or a new bag??

    forgive my messy desk, i got pinched by my co-worker today. i forgot!!

    so, i switched bags, but it didnt save me from getting pinched anyway.

    just got this bag yesterday, sight unseen , sent from Nordie's and was on sale., openned the box this morning...

    Smells Devine (even my fingers still smell of fresh suede leather) and feels .......... yummy soft!

    although the color name isn't all that yummy unless you like Vegetables "Asparagus"

    so honor of St. Patricks Day....


    What do you do with that tiny coin pouch on the side???
    green haversack010.jpg green haversack 1.jpg
  2. Ohhh... how so very pretty!

    You could probably just slip your keys or a small cell phone in that coin pouch? Anything that you access a lot and don't wanna dig around in your bag for.
  3. Very cute that color is so vivid, congrats.
  4. You have to show us the lining is it legacy.
  5. Yay! So pretty and perfect for today! I love it!
  6. Great bag! I think this is my favorite color of the Haversack. Happy St Patrick's Day!!:p
  7. so pretty!! Can you fit a lip gloss in that pocket? I know I like having quick access to mine.
  8. Me being the Greenone, I am totally in love wth the color and the bag! Congrats!
  9. yes, the lining is the Legacy Strip.. (pics are a little Blurry)
    green haversack011.jpg green haversack013.jpg
  10. hehe, i called Coach and asked, im a dork i know..

    she was so sweet on the phone, said, the same thing, they are so small, maybe my Bobbi Brown mini tint tubes , *grins*

    i wanted to get the demensions of the new Bonnie style #13382, its price pretty low but its a really good size bag.
  11. how perfect for St. Patrick's day!! what a pretty bag :smile:
  12. That color is gorgeous and of course the lining is TDF!
  13. great bag!!! enjoy it!!
    love the asparagus!! lol
  14. So pretty! Green's my favorite color and that bag is too adorable and the perfect shade of green!
  15. OMG! They are making a bag called Bonnie! I have to get one. Thats my name! ;)