Awwww !!!

  1. [​IMG]
    Seal carries Minnie Mouse -- a.k.a. his daughter, Leni, with Heidi Klum -- and an ultra-stylish man purse to her school Halloween party.
    Seal102706_2.jpg sealbb.jpg
  2. They are just the most gorgeous family ;)

    soooooo cute :biggrin:
  3. Please don't take this wrong but did Seal father this child?She's white as chalk and doesn't look a thing like him.I think they are a sweet couple and great parents.
  4. Adorable!
  5. No, Seal isn't the biological father but he has adopted her I believe. Heidi was dating some older italian racing league owner & got pregnant. That seemed to end their relationship (scumbag). I don't remember his name, too lazy to go searching right now:smile:
  6. ^^flavio something?
  7. Flavio Briatore is the father of the little girl seal is carrying ..

    i really like heidi's family ..soo adorable =)
  8. So Cute!
  9. Too cute! They seem like very good (and grounded celebrity) parents.
  10. I love the bottle in Seal's jean pocket. Only a real man could carry that off!:P
  11. So sweet that he seems to take care of Leni as if she is his own daughter.

  12. No that's not his biological kid, but being an african american female, I see a lot of african americans in my day to day life. It's not usual, but I do know of a few african americans who look white. Inparticularly, a family at my former church had 2 kids and both turned out with blond hair and blue eyes and white skin. It's all genetics. (OT, look at Beyonce. She looks NOTHING like her daddy. It seems like her mother just spit her and her sister out. Solange's son looks even more like her mother with the blond hair and blue eyes. They have some strong genes).

    With half african american and half caucasian children, it's a coin toss as to what they will look like. It all depends on the amount of melatonin in the body.
  13. I nominate Seal for FATHER OF THE YEAR award!!! He is SO NATURAL with the kids!!! My heart melts just looking at him with his babies!!!:love:
  14. Aww that is so cute! :heart: That little girl is so pretty! I don't see the man purse though? :confused1: :shrugs:
  15. i love that family, so cute.