Awwww...the really cute LV Holiday Video!

  1. I was just going on KK's site and I noticed that if you go here:

    which I think is the main page, you see a really adorable LV video of Paris! It's animated so it looks like a cartoon. I looks like little ballons with pictures of LV items flying left and right.

    What's the name of that melody? It's sooooo beautiful! :love:
  2. :drinkup:
  3. so pretty:yes:, :heart: it
  4. Canon in D minor

    I want it to be my wedding song :yes:

  5. *sniff sniff* we used it in our wedding...aaahhh brings back memories! :heart: :shame: :love:
  6. :heart::balloon: :heart::balloon::heart: :balloon::heart:
  7. The music is nice (my favourite music of all-time) but the video is.. meh

  8. Awww :smile: I love that song so much - it makes me cry ALL the time haha.

    I'm only 21 by the way and I have no intentions on getting hitched any time soon hehe
  9. You're would be a really cute wedding song! :p
  10. my aunt played it at our house for her wedding!
  11. I love Canon in was my wedding song instead of the traditional march. LOVE IT!!!! Aww it makes me all sappy...:shame:
  12. Cute! I just love Karen.
  13. I loved hearing the song, and watching the video. :smile:
  14. It's soooo cute OMG I want to grab those balloons! Especially this Cerise Mono Mini Josephine!:nuts:
  15. I love the videos she posts :yes: