Awwww Man!!

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  1. LOL. I just realised how silly I am!!

    I got an 05 Turquoise and was super excited:yahoo: and then I looked at the color swatches just now and realised I was after the 04 Dark Turquoise:Push: LOL. Still a beautiful color and I'm still itching for it to arrive. I'm camping out next to my mail box:sleepy:

    So, I am back on my quest to hunt down Dark Turquoise! Wish me luck ladies:smile:
  2. Both are great colors!!! I hope you find your blue soon!
  3. Hahaha Awww You're So Kute =). Congrats On Your New Bag!!!
  4. silly girl!~:P
  5. Oh good luck finding the 04 dark turquoise. I don't think I have ever seen one of those pop up on eBay yet. Such a pretty color and it has the pewter hardware too.
  6. 05 Turq is the BOMB!!! i totally love this colour and i totally bet you will love it once it arrives!!!! PLUS, you can never have too many b-bags!!! :graucho:
  7. :nuts: :P :P :P That kind of things usually happen to me...
  8. This happens to me ...all the time !!!!
  9. HA HA HA.... both are gorgeous though, '05 is a striking colour like magenta '05. but the '04 is soooo sweet too :P

  10. I can't have too many B-bags, but I can have too much debt!!:Push:
  11. Girls, where do you buy your b-bags from? I want a red city and can't seem to locate one. I'm terrified to buy one on eBay eventhough they have it there. Appreciate any help. :idea:
  12. The 05 Turquoise is a nice bright color. I have it in the coin purse and people compliment is everytime I take it out. You will love the color!
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