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    Gwen Stefani and her son Kingston Rossdale, 10 months, were spotted out on Wednesday in Hollywood - it looked like they may have been arriving at a studio for a tour rehearsal. Kingston was looking cool in his shades!:heart: :roflmfao:
  2. aaawww cute :love:
  3. I hate when she wears her hair that way....reminds be of Betty Rubble
  4. saw a similar pic on perez - what an adorable kid!
  5. the pic!! I've got tickets to see Gwen when she comes to London on June7th..woohoo!! Woohoo..gotta getaway..whoohoo!!!:jammin:
  6. He is soo cute!
  7. That is a great pic of them together!
  8. lol he's so cute w/ sunglass
  9. He's cute.
  10. aaawww cute !!!!
  11. what an adorable child! love them together! :love:
  12. talk about a hot mamma (and an adorable baby too!)
  13. Both so gorgeous!
  14. awwwww they always look so cute together!
  15. Very cute kid.