Awww..this is soo cute..and funny..

  1. Never too young! I buy my new-born nephews and nieces H baby blankets, towels, robes, the plush horsies, the silver spoons, the bibs the aw-so-cute little baby booties...better start them on the right foot!! I love snobbish little babies <hahaha>
  2. No, you can't be too young for H.....
  3. That is too cute ! If this was in a magazine, I'd love to get a copy.

    Thanks for posting it ! My Eleanor thought this black ostrich Birkin was for her, couldn't resist taking a photo. Then she was banned from my Birkins forever.

  4. Aww.
  5. That is sooo adorable! Beautiful cat, in a beautiful Birkin.
  6. awwwwww, hermeslady, Eleanor's great taste is only matched by her Mom's!
  7. LOL!!!!!! OMG! That is the cutest shot of Eleanor, HL!!!!!!
  8. So cute!!!! :tender:
  9. Eleanor is so cute!!!!
  10. :biggrin: I love the combination ;)
  11. So cute!!! Luckily my critters are clueless about my bag!