AWWW, the wait is killing me!

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  1. Im I the only one who feels like its taking forever when your expecting a new Coach bag any minute?:confused1: Today Im receiving something brand new. Here is whats in my collection. Can you guess whats coming?:supacool: Just as soon as that mail man knocks on my door I'll take pics!!!:yahoo:

    Phew! I need to do some serious revising, I have more goods than this now:rolleyes:

    O.K. so on with your guesses!!:tup:

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  2. No.. You are not the only one!!! I bought 2 bags from ebay this week, one last sunday and the wait is absolutely killing me!! :shocked: In fact I have been waiting every day and yesterday my daughter brought a package in and it was a stupid knife set I ordered!!! :sad:
    I already got the mail today and it's still not here.. needless to say it is going to be one LONG weekend!!!
    BTW You have darling stuff!!! I have no clue!!
  3. First off, I'm totally drooling over your collection!! I never really cared for the multi color tote till I saw yours! You have some gorgeous bags!!
    Hmmm, as for my guess. How about the new denim "speedy"?
  4. Aww fieldspring believe me I totally feel your pain. Especially when a package comes and it not that freakin' bag youve waited and waited for...OY!

    Heya ktdid your a sweetie! But nope its not the denim speedy!
  5. Scarf print tote?
  6. Hmmm.....I think you are waiting for the Ergo Patent Leather Hobo??? If not, then something else in the Ergo line?
    I have a question for you....the white hobo in your collection (in the 1st pic)....does that have a braided strap. What is the name of that bag and where can I find it?

  7. :nuts:..........:nogood:
  8. Something in the PUNCH color?

  9. Hi!
    Yep its the one with the braided strap. Its called the all white soho hobo large size. It is from fall of 06' I believe. if you call the 800 coach # they just might have a couple left, if not e-bay would be your best bet. They have alot right now. good luck!

  10. :nogood:.........:supacool:
  11. ^^Hehe^^
    Another Carly?
  12. Red patent hobo?
  13. C'mon...give us at least one hint!!!! :confused1:
  14. You guys are great! Still no one has got it yet! I'd give a hint but you girls are waaaay too good at this and would get it right away. O.K. wait, I'll tell you its not a wallet, it is a purse:yes: Hows that?:happydance:
  15. ooh I love your collection! Are you getting a patchwork bag?