awww...look at this

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  1. The fendi spy baugette. I love it!! So cute!:P [​IMG]
  2. I agree :heart: ! :wlae:
  3. Yes I really like this bag!
  4. Cute.
  5. I like everything about it except the too-long tab.

    Other than that, it's cute.
  6. It is too. I wouldn't mind getting the denim one.

    I was at a spa a few weeks ago and saw another patron with this bag. It's gorgeous IRL. :drool:
  7. I think its adorable,:cutesy: I want one so bad.
  8. I love it! I haven't seen this before.

    So does anyone know colours / materials this comes in?
  9. Aww, whadda whittle spy :P
  10. Very cute!
  11. No thank you. I'd like it if it were all leather and if the tab wasn't so overwhelmingly long.
  12. cute, i like it.
  13. Very nice! Wish I could see it modeled on someone!