Awww... I was complimented at LV yesterday...

  1. So my friend and I went in to look at computer cases... An SA approached us asking if we needed help, so we told her we were just looking at the bags... So she and I started talking... I was naming bags that I saw... "So this is the Kasbek right? It looks really huge IRL..." and "Where are all of the Bosphore Messenger GM's and Porte Document Voyages?" She said they were running out of stock... :crybaby:

    She was surprised that I knew most of the names and she came out and said "Wow... you really know your LV... your kind is rare... What do you do? Read up on information and names of bags before coming here? :lol:"

    I could have just said "Well I've been an LV lover for about... 4 years now." but I replied "Ehh... something like that..." :hysteric:
  2. You rock John!
  3. That's hot!!! :P
  4. John, I bet you knew more than the SA =D
  5. You should have said...well, I am one of the resident experts at
  6. Yes I m also sure that you know more than the SA lol
  7. Lol
  8. Cool...i'm sure you know more about LV compared to that sa. heheh
  9. Congrats John!! It's so nice to know more than the SA's! LOL
  10. LMAO! I love it! :supacool:
  11. Way to go John. I think that most people on this board will know more than the SA's out there. LOL
  12. hehe I love when I know more than the SAs
  13. me too.....!!
  14. I'm not surprised:noworry: :jammin:
  15. That's so cute! :smile: