awww! How Cute? Baby shoes!

  1. Hey ladies!

    I've been browsing (read spending a fortune on) baby shoes for my little one due in June. I have no idea on the sex, so I've just been buying everything that I think is cute :biggrin:

    soooooooo look what I found! Aren't they just the cutest!

    Kumari Baby - Shoes
  2. they are adorable. I love the soft leather shoes for the little ones.
  3. So cute, but I sometimes wonder if they're worth it since the baby invariably takes them off and loses them somewhere.
  4. Those are so cute.
  5. Omg those are so precious :biggrin: might buy a pair or two for my little one =)
    Thanks alot for sharing!
  6. thanks Gapaholic! wow! they are too cute! in the UK we have a company called Inch Blue & they make really, similar ones! I adore them!

    ArmCandy! you sound like my husband!:biggrin: :p I know they won't get alot of wear but hey! same can be said for all my shoes!:biggrin:

    Cat inluv, congrats on oyur pregnancy! & yes!! I think your baby needs them too:d
  7. they're adorable. Inch blue makes good soft shoes. my daughter used to wear them before we moved to montreal. Star child (UK) also makes nice ones. now i buy robeez for my children as we're in canada. i think they're all good and comfy especially for crawlers & cruisers.
    all the best with your pregnancy!:flowers:
  8. Adorable! I love the princess ones!
  9. aww how cute
  10. Those are so cute! I've bought a couple of baby shoes too, but mainly booties and UGGs booties :smile:
  11. Adorable! Those are the style of shoe that is most recommended for babies, too. Plus, from my experience with three babies, they do not take them off so they cannot get lost.

    All the best with your pregnancy! How exciting!
  12. Cute Cute Cute!!!
  13. Aww! those are really cute!
  14. They're really cute!