awww daughter wanted her collection posted too

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  1. Thats so cute! I love all of her goodies. I can only imagine what her future holds!
  2. WOW! Your daughter already has a very impressive collection. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! :smile:
  3. wow your daughter has an awesome collection.
  4. Wow! That collection blows the doors off our Hello Kitty collection! Very pretty!:smile:
  5. that's a great collection! I love that turquoise optic one. :heart:
  6. Cute collection! Humm....I wonder how much her collection will grow over the next few years?! :smile:
  7. What a fun collection, very nice. She has nice taste:tup:
  8. Nice collection for a young lady! :smile:
  9. You've taught her well! Lovely collection. I see more in her future.
  10. Very cute collection. I can see she's inherited the bag gene from you ;)
  11. very cute collection! your daughter is off to a wonderful start! :smile:
  12. aw too cute ! how old is she ?!
  13. That's a fabulous collection, she's off to a great start.
  14. Your daughter has a bigger Coach collection than me! Very impressive