Awwa...I love HIM

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  1. My poor boyfriend. All he hears about is ya'll. (spoken with a TRUE southern drawl) I talk about my purse ladies && how ya'll adore LV like me. He makes fun of me because I'm in LVOE with LV. He tells me that it's something I made up that no one cares about purses that much...until TODAY.

    We were scoring our local mall in Louisiana look for Saints Jersey. GOD we're such football fans...who knew a woman could love football && purses. Well I took my new baby (mini lin speedy) that he bought me for christmas. He was simply shocked at the reation.

    He kept telling me people were staring && when we sat down for dinner @ the Cheesecake Factory the waiter was going to take the extra chair away && I asked him if I could keep it for my purse. My boyfriend says "You know she's designer like that" I wanted to fall out of my chair laughing.

    I guess today he realized my love for LV. When we got home he asked if I could show him around the Forum...I told him no. It was only for true believer && if he was a good boy Santa might let him sneak a peek @ my guilty
  2. such a cute story! :P
  3. I I guess they CAN be cute sometimes...!!
  4. Aww how cute! If you get him involved you will probably get more LV!! HEE HEE
  5. AWh!!! Your story brought smile to my face! You got a keeper there! :yes:
  6. You know Crystal...u have a point there. I might have to let him take a sneek peek @ my guilty pleasure. I swear he is loving my purse more && more.
  7. Smart girl. Get him to love it and then because he loves you so he will want to show the love through LV!! LOL:roflmfao:
  8. This is exactly why I love ya'll && I'm here @ 2am!!! Such enablers we are!!!
  9. men are cute, which is why all you girls love us. LOL!
  10. That is a very cute story. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your new speedy.
  11. cute story :smile:
  12. I love this story!!! Congratulations on your bag and your boyfriend! This made me start my day with a smile. Thanks!
  13. sweet! He's a keeper.
  14. Very sweet! :tender: Thanks for sharing....
  15. Aww.