Awwa...I love HIM

Oct 11, 2006
My poor boyfriend. All he hears about is ya'll. (spoken with a TRUE southern drawl) I talk about my purse ladies && how ya'll adore LV like me. He makes fun of me because I'm in LVOE with LV. He tells me that it's something I made up that no one cares about purses that much...until TODAY.

We were scoring our local mall in Louisiana look for Saints Jersey. GOD we're such football fans...who knew a woman could love football && purses. Well I took my new baby (mini lin speedy) that he bought me for christmas. He was simply shocked at the reation.

He kept telling me people were staring && when we sat down for dinner @ the Cheesecake Factory the waiter was going to take the extra chair away && I asked him if I could keep it for my purse. My boyfriend says "You know she's designer like that" I wanted to fall out of my chair laughing.

I guess today he realized my love for LV. When we got home he asked if I could show him around the Forum...I told him no. It was only for true believer && if he was a good boy Santa might let him sneak a peek @ my guilty