Aww What's Up With Mischa ???

  1. :sad:
    Mischa Barton was caught bawling in what appears to be a drive-thru.
  2. Awww what's wrong:crybaby:I hate seeing people cry:confused1: I hope whatever it was that she is better now:sad:
  3. AW!:sad: Maybe she wanted Taco Bell instead? But seriously, I hope she is OK.
  4. maybe she was upset about the nicole richie incident
  5. this reminds me of Lindsay....i remember there were pictures of her crying but it turned out that she faked it for publicity, makes me wonder if this is the same kinda case!:confused1:
  6. I doubt it. Bless her she looks like she has no clue she is being filmed. I fact I feel kinda embaressed seeing this, such a private moment. It just seems so personal, I feel like I am trespassing.
  7. Dunno. Maybe she was arguing with the guy driving the car...
  8. awww, she looks like how i was this morning... i hope shes ok! Maybe its for a movie role or something... :-\ *hugs for mischa*
  9. Poor thing, she looks really upset.
  10. Too have your picture taken while upset. I would not want that for a million bucks. Well....maybe if was actually a million dollars......
    Yep, changed my mind. I could do it.
  11. She must have found out that McDonald's no longer has the Spicy Chicken sandwich.

    I know I was pretty heart broken :sad:
  12. omgosh is she having one of her infamous temper tantrums???
  13. aawwww poor girl :crybaby:
  14. :sad: i no it is sorta like we are trespassing into her space. I hope she is ok now...
  15. Aww :'( hope she's alright.. always want to give a crying person a biiiiiiig hug!
    hate seeing people cry :sad:
    and it sucks that they are taking such private pictures without her knowing :/