Aww.. Niecy Nash Getting A Divorce

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    According to Page Six, Niecy Nash has pulled the plug on her 16-year marriage to Don Nash, an ordained minister and real-estate entrepreneur.

    "It's unfortunate . . . however, after much prayer and counseling, we felt it was the best decision for us. Everything was amicable and we will always have a great deal of respect and support for one another,"
    Tomorrow, Niecy will accept a Gracie Allen Award from American Women in Radio & Television at the Marriott Marquis for her work on the Style Networks "Clean House."
  2. I love Niecy! Reno 911 and Clean House are two of my favorite shows. I wish her the best....
  3. That's too bad, but I'm sure they did everything they could. I hope they can keep an united front for their kids.
  4. They seem like they will handle the right way by considering the kids.
  5. Awe too bad. I like her.
  6. that sucks.