AWW my Dh is so sweet! It's the thought that counts..A Happy Story

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  1. I'm going to post a long version of this story for those interested. Skip down to the paragraphs in purple for those just browsing.

    My DH has been in the hospital since sunday because my cat bit him and the infection required surgery to heal (crazyness!). So yesterday I was visiting him..and I had to tell him that I snagged a bag I was waiting for on bluefly right before I headed out the door to the hospital. I wasn't planning on buying a bag anytime soon, especially with my birthday in a couple of days (wanted to see what DH got me first! lol).

    Now this is a bag that I had been wanting for months and months. Every time I came close to getting it something happened (credit card not accepted for no reason, all stores suddenly out of stock, etc etc). So a year later, I still don't have this bag, but have of course made other purchases in its stead ("in its stead?" Now I'm talkin Shakespeare:nuts:). I realize that I really must like this bag since I still want it after a year! I saw bluefly had it last month but when I clicked on the image it said "item no longer available". AHH! So I kept checking..but eventually stopped. This morning I checked again because I got an email saying they had new stock. OMG it was there! I made an impulse buy because I simply could NOT let it get away. Retail is $1850 at Neimans, $1750 at Saks. $1400 at bluefly, and -$140 with 10% off, no tax. So I ordered..

    When I told him at the hospital I said "I can't believe it came back after a month, I'm sorry for the impulse buy but I HAD to get it because its such a great deal and I love this bag!" and he said "That's the bag I bought for you but returned because they forgot to include the cards and I know you like having the cards.."

    I was like :wtf::wtf::wtf: and :shame::love:. DH is the guy that never knows what I really want and always buys the most ridiculous presents. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, I do appreciate and cherish everything he gets me but they're never things I want or need (more like things he wants lol). I was so touched..its always the thoughts or the small things I appreciate and love the most about my friends and family. He's glad I got it because I got the 10% coupon, which he hadn't. So now I get the bag I've wanted for so long AND more presents from DH! Whoohoo! I'll post pics when I get it, as well as another Prada I got last week which I haven't posted pics of yet.

    I know this story may not mean much to you but I've just been so happy today and in love with DH that I wanted to share my happy story. For any of you ladies who have men in their lives who are clueless...there IS hope! :yes:
  2. Awwww... such a sweet story! Thanks for sharing. Your DH sounds sweet. Congrats and Happy Birthday! :smile:
  3. Wow.. what a great DH!! He is so sweet! :heart:
    I'd like to have one like your DH... :smile:
  4. congrats and happie birthday!
  5. that's such a sweet story. CONGRATULATIONS!! and happy birthday in advance~ :smile:
  6. kneehighz...too cute if a story...reminds me of my DH!!
    Enjoy & Happy Birthday :smile:
  7. :biggrin::tender: Thank you! :drinks::drinkup:Cheers to all the great DH/SO's out there. Especially the ones that approve of bag obsessions:graucho:
  8. How sweet, especially the bit about him returning it because it didn't have the cards, so men do listen sometimes after all:p

    Hope your DH gets better soon:flowers:
    (You've reaffirmed my thoughts that cats are indeed the spawn of the Devil)

    :back2topic: What bag are you getting, hope it will be worth the wait, am sure it will be:tup:
  9. AWE!!
    Thats too cute!
    Hope he is better soon!!!!!
  10. Kneehi - Now that's a man you got to hang on to!! :flowers:
    I am so charmed by your story and happy you have such a thoughtful partner in life....:yes:

    PS: BTW, which bag did you get...:confused1: Bet it is gorgeous!
  11. So sweeet!!!

    Now, where are the pics!! lol
  12. Thats so nice and sweet You are so lucky. I bet you'll have a great birthday this year carrying all your new bags.
  13. :yahoo::party: I got it this morning!!! I was expecting it late next week! omg!! Now I just have to pick it up from my parents house. I'll be on a weekend trip to new york so I'll post pics when I get back! :yahoo:
  14. So sweet of your hubby. Men can be clueless at times for what gifts women wants, haha but he can read your thoughts. And congrats on the new bag!
  15. :s So I got the bag right before I headed out to the airport. When I opened it I started panicking because it looked different from the one I'd seen at Neimans and Saks. It felt different..the size seemed different. I didn't get to analyze it for long because I had to go. I just compared it to pics on the neiman site and yes it does look different. However it looks more like the pics on styledrops. It's probably authentic, maybe a European version. I will post pics on the authenticate this thread to double check. Geez..I hate fakes..they make me paranoid..