Aww My Coac Store wouldn' give me PCE =(

  1. I finally went in in hopes of getting the new Sig Stripe Satchel for 25 percent off. I tried to find a girl there who's helped me in the past and asked what I needed to do to be a part of the PCE. I mentioned I try to do most of my shopping there and they were nice but wouldn't let me get the discount. =( I dunno how you girls get it so easy!!! I'm so sad because I can't get the satchel, I can only afford it at the discon. *tear!* So how do you word it when you want PCE without a coupon?
  2. I did a phone order at the Newark, DE boutique. when the guy answered the phone I said "Hi, I got a 25% off coupon in the mail yesterday. I'm nowhere near a boutique. Is it possible to order over the phone and use my discount?" They had no problem honoring it, didn't even question me. Of course, I really did have a card and I'm not sure if it would show up once they find your name and address, etc.
  3. Oh? Thats a good idea. I wondr if I could do that...
  4. Yeah, try the Newark store. Tax free! Although they did charge me for shipping.
  5. We do keep track of pce customers via system and a list.

    Also the tax applies to the zip code being shipped to.
  6. I just PM'd you regarding this! ;)
  7. Really? I wonder how she got the discount without getting one mailed to her then?
  8. I just went into the store, and said.. is it possibl to be able to get the pce? and they wondered how I knew.. and if I had received a card, I was honest and said no I hadn't received a card, but had heard about it, and had no store near my town, and she was more than happy to give it to me.. it made a huge difference in saving and I will thank them by always calling that store to order in the future.
  9. When I went in on Friday evening, I had no trouble at all! I told the 2 SA's that I threw away my card when I thought PCE was over but they said, no problem, and pulled one out to apply to my items. Sorry you had that trouble...they should give you the discount!
  10. :sad: sorry they wouldn't help you!

    i just sent you a message
  11. I am not sure all stores do that, couple years back I was given my card by someone who wasn't using theirs and they didn't say oh this isn't on your account...
  12. I doubt that they check every card that comes it. I think the list is for people who don't have the card and then they can look them up to see. I called my Coach before I got my card and they looked me up and told me it was on the way :smile:
  13. i've always gone in to shop during pce and have NEVER ONCE had an actual coupon, yet i was still granted the discount. i've been doing this for almost two years because my sister loves coach, so i buy for her and save them for holidays (i usually breakdown and give it to her though).
  14. seems like the policy is different for each store or depends on the SA you get. my store won't let me do phone orders, period. you can have my card if you'd like.
  15. Try the Florida Mall in Orlando. They did it for me during the last PCE. Don't tell them you don't have one, Just tell them you would like to place a PCE rder over the phone since you can not make it in person.