Aww I scratched the hell out of my Ergo zipper!

  1. I know it's a silly thing to whine about but I just noticed that in the process of putting my cute lion keyfob onto my Vintage Ergo Hobo, I scratched the ring it attached to really bad in multiple places. =( Totally bugs me! It's such a perfect bag and I messed it up! I wonder if theres a way to smooth those puppies out? *tear!*
  2. Oh no!
    i can imagine how upsetting that must be!
    Is it possible to rub it out?
  3. No a few of the scratches actually dented in the ring, it's weird, I didn't think the brazz was that soft and easy to scratch. =(
  4. did you try to rub them out? maybe with a little leather moisturizer?

    I am so sorry to hear that, that really sucks!! I know you LOVE that bag, hopefully you can fix it or learn to love it so you are not pi$$ed off every time you carry it.
  5. It's not the leather that I scratched, it's the brass ring that holds the zipper strap, you know what I mean? I don't think I can rub that out. =(
  6. i think you may just have to chalk it up to more bag character now!
  7. lol I suppose. I can't beleive I was that dumb tho! You silly lion and your silly keyfob ring! They should be making these guys as charms! End rant. ;)
  8. oh, i totally agree that they should be charms. those keyrings are a total pita.

    i went and bought a few of those ball chains (like that hangs off the keyfob) and used that instead. if you loop it around twice, it doesn't hang down much and you don't have to mess with the ring.
  9. Oh man, sorry to hear that :crybaby:
  10. eekk that sucks but just think it adds character!!
  11. OH, i didn't read it right! lol sorry

    I agree with you guys, they should totally be charms with clips. I seen some of the keyfobs come out with rings and clips. that would be nice for these leather ones that i am sure most people mostly hang from bags anyway.
  12. Candy, I am really sorry this happened as I know how you love that bag. For this reason I do not hang key fobs off any of my bags. I only use charms and only on occasionally. I only have two charms anyway - red lips and skull and bones charm.
  13. Candy, I am sorry that happened. I know how I am and it would totally piss me off that I did that. I know it adds character and I wish that I could be one of those people who can appreciate that, but I am not. If you're like me, though, you'll probably get used to it and it will not bother you as much in a couple days. If the hardware is brass, you could try some brass polish...

    My Palm Treo fell out of my pocket last week when I was out for a walk and the back got all scratched up from hitting the pavement. I was so mad at myself! I'm not so worried about it now because I know that it's going to get more scratched up over the next couple years but that first scratch hurts the most!
  14. Yeah I emailed Coach and they said the keyfobs aren't suppose to go on the bags and suggested a brass cleaner, would that actually get scratches out of it? There are a few deep ones.
  15. ^It will probably remove the smaller ones. I'm thinking the deeper ones will not be removed but they probably will be much less noticeable.