Aww I couldn't resist!

  1. It was on display, the only one they had.. but it reminded me so much of my one and only.:heart: I'm actually not quite sure what I'm going to use it for LOL I think I may keep it on my messenger bag for classes, or maybe if I sell my starfish fob and fruit fob for my phone? All I know is that it was an impulse buy in the guise of my westie.:angel: The first of many COACH accessories this year!
  2. I wrapped up all of your items! I hope you like it all!!
  3. Aww you're too sweet!! I think though I may exchange the skinny and get a wristlet, it's 10 dollars more at least, but it's all good. But if I put it on my store credit will you still be able to get credit for the sale?
  4. AWWW!! That is too cute!! I really want one now, but phone lanyards/charms never seemed to fit on any of my phones(don't know if I am doing it wrong or what), but I really love the little doggy!!! I am also loving Coach's new shopping bags!! Very cute. Congrats!!
  5. It's so cute!!!!!! I wish they had a Doxie!!!!!
  6. So sweet! Enjoy!
  7. It's very cute! I love it!
  8. Yep! It's nice that we don't get commision (otherwise we would lose it in that situation) but we have sales goals and those don't get taken away if someone exchanges something :smile:

  9. Oh thats great to know sprinkles! I'm already thinking what my next batch should be.. I never got to see the flats that day, nor the hair scarf, but I definetly want to get it though!
  10. It's very cute!:yes: Congrats on your purchase.
  11. Congrats.
  12. So cute! And I love the shopping bag as well.
  13. that is cute! congrats!
  14. That is so cute, congrats!
  15. The SA actually showed me some of the cell fobs on bags, on the zipper, on a camera, and something else which I totally forgot. It looked too cute. She told me she does it to her bags because she doesnt have the hole on her cell.