Aww...Ex BF's are not all evil!

  1. My Ex got me this keyring I have been oogling over! Monkeys are one of my favorite things! The monkey is a million times cuter in person! He has a FUZZY body!

    We were together for ten years, and been apart for 4 months. Its so AMAZING to be able to be friends still! MORE for the friendship than the gifts, but hey at least he knows what I like!:yahoo:

  2. That's a great gift! All my exes bring me is grief. :shame:
  3. Congrats! I am happy for you because I am sure that you value the friendship a lot...
  4. awwww kiari thats s:huh:o:huh::huh:O sweeeeet! :tender:
    he is an :angel:
    and the monkey is :jammin:
  5. Thats so sweet! What a cool guy. I dont talk to any of my ex's anymore :sad:
  6. Cute monkey! Awww, that's sweet!
  7. Aww!! That's so sweet Kiari =)

    PS - where did he get a keychain version of my ex?? LOL!
  8. Awwww. The monkey is so cute! Congrats.
  9. that's so thoughtful of him!! what a sweetie :heart:.

    and that keyring is SO cute!
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. That´s too cute!
  12. Aww that's so sweet/ cool/ nice of him! I love that keychain, it's so cute!
  13. aw...what's really sweet is him thinking of you! Applause to him:yahoo: (no applause smiley). As for me..I don't speak or see any of my exes. Me & one of my exes from about 4 years ago were supposed to me up, but he never called. :sad: Thanks to his b!tch of a girlfriend. But, congrats I'm happy for you. I think it takes 2 big people to still be friends after such a long & meaningful relationship.
  14. wow... that's awesome! and very sweet! i don't think all exes are bad, either... i keep in touch with a few, mostly by e-mail, since none of them live in the same area as me anymore.