Awsome Coach shoes deal at Macy*s!

  1. I went into Macy*s tonight to use my friends and family coupon on pillows, but ended up scoring a pair of black Valari flats for 40% off and 20% with F&F coupon. I ended up spending $66 on shoes that are normally $138. That's 50% off!

  2. :yahoo:

    Congratulations!!!!! Those are gorgeous shoes! Post pics!!!!
  3. vallari? wats that?
  4. nevermind i saw it lol great deal
  5. I found THESE (please excuse the feet) at the Macy's Shoe Sale. But...I didn't get either cuz I could NOT decide!! I know the white sigs are way more versatile, but the Punch ones are just SO ME!!! They held both for me, so I'll sleep on it and see if I've reached a decision by morning!
    IMG_1218.JPG IMG_1219.JPG
  6. You should soooo get the punch. They are so cute on you! They match your nail polish!
  7. I love the Punch ones too! What style name are those?
  8. Hmmmm...that's a good question. I didn't even think to look! I'll let you know TOMORROW after I BUY them! Heehee!!:p
  9. Those are the Karas...I love them, but my toes are too short to actually "peep" right.

    And I'm praying that my Macy's has good deals on shoes for F&F....I was planning on getting the Valaris anyway, but if I could get a deal like that I may get both colors!!

  10. oh my world ! thoses are sweet !
  11. omg.. i hope they have shoes on sale here when they do the F&F.
    congrats on your purchases!
  12. I love those shoes! Gotta go to Macys:p
  13. oooo I looked at the punch wedges too on clearance. I'm still debating. I'll only buy now if I get 50% off retail or more since that's my employee discount for Coach.
  14. Yeah, these are 40% off right now. can save an extra 10% (15%, 20% - the girl didn't know which one) if you open a Macy's card!
  15. Oh yeah, here are the pictures. I like how the Valari's give you toe cleavage :p
    Picture 015.jpg Picture 014.jpg