Awkward Situation!

  1. so i was at work earlier today, and one of my boss's friend/clients was in.
    well they were doing the regular chit chat crap, politics and such.

    so he glances over at my desk, and sees my purse hanging from the purse hook on my desk.
    he says what i thought? was, "nice hook." i have no idea why he'd say that?

    anyway. so my boss looks over and says, "he can get you one of those for $20."
    so i said, "oh, well i got it off eBay for like 12, so it's no biggie."
    client guy says, "i can get you THE PURSE for $20. real nice knockoffs, looks IDENTICAL to the real thing!"
    i must have turned 67 different shades of red, because i could feel the blood rushing to my face.
    i didn't know what to say, because i didn't want to upset him because he's an important guy.
    so i just kindof mumbled, "no thanks, i prefer the real ones."

    and then! my boss kindof chuckles and says, "yeah, she's high maintenance like that."

    i just kindof smiled coyly and walked away. what would you have done!? :tdown::hysteric::yucky::shrugs:
  2. comment...:wtf::shrugs:
  3. I woulda smacked someone in the face!!! LOL j/k... sometimes its just not even worth wasting your breath.... some people will never learn.... just smile next time and know that you're better than a $20 fake!
  4. Yup I probably would have said "yes I am!" and walked away. Dopes!
  5. I don't know what I would've exactly said in that situation!! And the world better hope it never happens to me because, one thing's for sure, all hell would break loose. *lol*

    "It's about QUALITY not maintenance, babooze!!"
  6. Grrrrrrrrr :cursing: You did goodly Jenn!!

    Seeing as how i am a pretty much a smart A** I would have been a bit more obvious with my comment. Making sure he knows that I would NEVER use my hard earned money for poor quality bags, which are what knock off's are. Saying something like, "Thanks but NO Thanks! I want quality and quality does not come for $20!"
  7. :weird:
  8. Sounds like 2 toolbags trying to justify their themselves as men.
  9. I think you handled it well and as professionally as you could considering your boss and the client were NOT acting at all professionally. It is always better not to cause waves in a situation like that, and an outburst or showing offense would have served no positive purpose whatsoever.

    People like that are all over the place. We can't always change the world. We are only responsible for our own purchases and our own ethics, not always for educating everyone else.
  10. Sounds like you handled it great. It is always better to take the high road :yes:
  11. It's hard when your at work but some days you need to count to 100 and breath deeply and know you are right!
  12. I wouldn't have been offended by the client...sounds like he thought he was being nice and trying to save you a few bucks (Im sure he doesnt get that some people think fake bags are icky). Your boss, however, would have ticked me off with his comment
  13. Man, were they tacky or what?! You did just fine, I wonder if I'd be as calm as you had reacted!
  14. I would have been more offended by your boss than the client as well.

    What is that?! :wtf: And you did good!
  15. Just think yourself lucky you're not his wife. Imagine what she must get as gifts?!!