awkward experience at Neiman's!!!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I know this probably doesn't have much to do with Hermes products, but i thought i'd share this odd experience from shopping at neiman's today. I was walking out the store ready to hand over my valet ticket, then i heard three ladies starting to fight and was wondering what the commotion was all about. Then a lady in front of me said one of the two ladies made a comment about the other ladies Birkin bag, stating it was fake cause she drove a Honda Accord. The lady that got her car accidently heard the rude comment they made and screamed at them for being jealous since they didn't have one and that's how the drama began. I'm just curious, would any of you judge one's personal effects just by what car they drove? Or does it mean whoever drives a nice car must own all authentic items? I felt really bad seeing all that go on at the valet station, and i thought it was really disrespectful for anyone to make silly comments like the one they made. Even if it wasn't real, it's no one's business to make comments like those that degrades an individual. thanks for taking the time on hearing me share this story!!
  2. Oh my how weird! Why would someone say that out loud even if they thought it in their mind?
  3. It was ignorant of the women to make that comment. I mean does it really affect their life in any way whether her purse was authentic or not!?! I don't think so. It's definately possible the woman's bag was real.

    However, I sure wouldn't spend upwards of $7K on a purse (and I wouldn't accept that as a gift either) if I was driving a Honda! Accord. Sorry, just different priorities I suppose!
  4. I think that when people are angry, they make all sorts of comments that are rude. They are less inhibited, and sometimes they say things that are mean and snobby just cuz it'll make themselves feel better.

    I have an authentic Birkin and Kellys (and plan to buy more in the near future) and drive a modest car, and I choose to for several reasons. One, I travel so much and carry so much in my car that I can't worry about every little ding and scratch (plus I need good mileage), and second, the car I drive was a college graduation present from my parents. This car got me thru graduate school and every single awful starting job since grad school (including my current one). It's 6 years old, and I plan to drive it until it dies on me..LOL...
  5. hmmm....i just won a vintage kelly on eBay and i drive a honda.....:yahoo:
  6. hey syntagma,
    i totally understand what you mean, but at the sametime, i know people that are extremelly wealthy and don't care at all what they drive yet lives in million dollar mansions. i have no doubt in my mind it was authentic since she had a sales lady carry out loads of bags for her out to her car. I guess sometimes people are just ignorant!
  7. Personally, I think a Honda Accord is a great car. It's very sporty and comfy, and looks nice, IMO (my sis and many of my friends drive one). And it happens to be a great deal.
  8. Wow...How superficial of them. That's so trashy when people judge others based on what they wear / drive / where they live.

    If the corrolation is true that nice car = authentic items, all of my stuff must be fake then since I just drive a 2001 VW Golf!

    I am in no way rich (nor can I afford Hermes, but I like to look :biggrin: ) and I had to save my money to afford my handbags..Hopefully nobody judges me on the car I drive - I love my car!

    Hondas are great cars anyway!
  9. prince, i agree it's a great car and most of all a reliable one!! it'll last u for a life time, even though i drive a german made car now but still i will never forget how my first car took me to the furthest places without breaking down once!!
  10. ppl are just petty
  11. Some f the magazines in Hk have interviewed some socialites (and their DH) and they have admitted they have purchased replicas.

    I do not think there are any ties but driving a prestige car "add faith" to that the bag is a real one.

    I do not have a car myself (DH most often picks me up) and sometimes I take public transportation.
  12. The first line should read " Some of the magazines..."

  13. ^I don't necessarily think this is true. Just b/c u have a top of the line bag does that mean everything u own/use needs to be up to that level? Along that line of thought people that indulge in 7k bags should also have Million dollar hms, mercedes, private school, designer clothes?

    I think many people have limited income and must allocate $ to the things they feel are important for them. Not ever one can have everything they want, we all make choices and sacrifices.

    And fyi, I have been to plenty of million(s) plus homes/neighborhoods were they hm owners just drive hondas, toyotas, fords, even some really beat up looking cars.

    And often times, the people that bling it the hardest are not necessarily well off or rich.
  14. I agree to that completely, I feel the sameway about investing only on what i feel is worthy to me. at times i love carrying my expensive bags wearing just sweats but nothing of fancy jimmy choo shoes with burberry logos all over. it's just sad that people value materialistic things so much they look down at others.
  15. Absolutely! The community that I lived in when I lived in MD (Stonington in Arnold, MD if you are familiar) was filled with very expensive homes, and a majority of the cars were "normal", like Hondas, Toyotas and Fords!