Awfullest, Ugliest, Horriblest, Worst Bag Ever!

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  1. OK, so (and apologies if this is repeating another post -- I looked, but may have missed something!), there have been a lot of posts re: favourite this and favourite that. I'm curious. What is the ugliest, worst, most impractical (etc. etc.) bag you've ever come across (anything can qualify!). Or the worst bag that you've ever owned?
    I actually owned a nylon Kenneth Cole Reaction bag which fell apart horribly, and which used to rub my leg -- very painful. And it was just not all that attractive -- poor materials, too. And it was relatively expensive. But I'm not sure if this, even, deserves the title of worst!
  2. I don't think I've ever owned a bag that I didn't like. If I wasn't happy with it, I returned it or sold it on eBay. I'd never spend money on something I wasn't happy with.
  3. Wow, Cristina! I wish I was more like you. I tend to (idiotically and impulsively) end up with things (not just bags) that I thought were OK (at first) and then turn out (after using them in 'real life' for a while) to be less than great. I do sell things eventually, though.
    I didn't just mean bags that we own, however. I was thinking, too, of bags that we've seen but would never ever buy, memories of bag horrors from past seasons -- just whatever!
    Incidentally, Cristina, do you do a lot of selling on ebay, and do you usually get good value back? I've sold one item on ebay and ended up losing money on it... and it wasn't a used item. Probably just me, though I did use all of the tips for sellers, etc. Am not very secure about possibility of ebay selling, though...
  4. I have seen a few fugly bags while shopping... they just make me go, "Hmm..." :lol:

    I haven't done too much bag selling on eBay. I bought a Kate Spade on eBay, and though it was very cute, it just wasn't for me, so I sold it a month later. I did lose some money on it, but I had bought it brand new and used it, so I didn't think it was fair to sell it at the same price. I also sold a Coach wrislet that I received as a gift and had used two or three times for around $30. I just don't feel right about selling a bag that has been used, even if it's just a few times, for retail or right below retail. If I was a potential buyer, I would rather buy it from the store than save just a few bucks.

    Even if I lose some money in selling bags I don't carry anymore, just the fact that it's not sitting in my closet, taking up space, makes me feel better about losing a little money.
  5. I totally agree with you -- carried once means that the bag should be marked down. I'm the same way, too, I would rather pay the extra dollars at the store, if the same bag is available unused. I guess it's just a reality of ebay selling -- the seller must take a loss (if operating fairly). But it can be frustrating, when an item hasn't at all been used, yet can't be returned, and the item doesn't sell well. I realize that we can set reserves, but often this ends in the seller receiving even less bides than expected. Oh well.
    On a brighter note, I just wanted to say, again, how beautiful your new green bag is. I've been admiring while I'm working!
  6. Yeah, I would rather pay the extra money and buy brand new from the store, because of the better return policy, good service (at least with most stores there is good service, there are exceptions!) and the fun that comes with shopping :biggrin: Not to mention the fancy packaging :P

    Thanks! I'm hoping it's even more beautiful than in the photos. When I went to bid on it, I set a maximum amount for myself, and decided that if it went any higher than that, it wasn't worth it because I could pay just a little bit more and order one from the Balenciaga store in NYC. It might have been a different color, but I had a few colors in mind :biggrin:
  7. Agreed (with all of above)!

    And I think you did really well, because the bag you bought was actually brand-new (according to description).
  8. A couple years ago I received one as a gift, one of those black pleather bags with my initial in fuscia pink... ugh. I hated it but had to carry it when I knew I'd be around the gift-giver. They knew I was into handbags and would have been hurt had I not used it. It was a totally nice thought on their part, just not the kind of bag I would have chosen for myself.
  9. anything kathy van zeeland has ever made is the worst bag ever
  10. ^^lol, I agree!
    Plus she's all everyone raves about on some LiveJournal Handbag community!
    I'm don't quite understand Vera Bradley's stigma either
  11. They are bags for either the old biddies in Boca or the thriving white trash community. Therefore plenty of customers.
  12. the worst bag I ever got? a vivienne westwood "dog" messenger: an UGLY dog as a huge messenger? NO thanks......I got rid of it for 200 bucks on ebay. the retail was about 1100 later...
  13. i know, everyone brags about their kathy van zeeland bags...they look like someone puked glitter and rhinestones. ewww.

    and there's a weird little perverse part of me that likes vera bradley...i want one of their weekender bags in the brown and blue pattern, i don't think it would show wear at all because of the intricacy of the pattern...but then again, i my better judgemet tells me that i really shouldn't get it.
  14. In complete agreement
  15. Well, I have a couple of Vera Bradley bags :shame: . I like them for travel and to carry knitting supplies.