Awful news for all of you that have not yet heard.

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  1. Yes, there is a price increase heading our way! It's 7% and it is supposed to take affect prior to Valentines Day. My store was notified when they received info on the Spring '08 line up. Shop now if you want to save a little money!

    It's just crumby that this is taking place before the new items are released. :tdown:
  2. =OO

    hopefully i get the saleya before then
  3. oh no....:wtf: NOT AGAIN...:tdown: wishi have more MONEY....:p
  4. is that only in the states?? i hope they don't have the same price increase thing in canada... omg...
  5. I heard the same thing on Thursday and completely forgot until now. Wasn't the last increase less than a year ago? Ugh!!!
  6. I know the increase encompasses Europe, So I would assume this would be company wide including Canada.
  7. i believe the last increase was in july. and eesh...maybe we can hope for adjustments (lowering) on some items.
  8. Do you know if it will happen in Aus?? We already pay a fair amount here compared to the rest of the LV world:yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.