Awful cramps!!!

  1. Ever since I had my son 4 months ago my cramps with PMS have been getting consistantly worse (my period has not) Last night and today my lower back hurts so bad I can barley do anything! If I hadn't had Vicoden left over from my c-cection I wouldn't have been able to sleep at all last night. Ibprofen just isn't cutting it even with heating pads. And I don't like to take the Vicoden unless I"m just going to sleep. Anyone else like this? It's really making me miserable. Anyone know any remedy I might be missing?
  2. I think a reputable well trained acupuncturist might help. Or better yet, an M.D. who practices acupuncture. You'd be amazed. I haven't used it myself, but a friend with sever back pain has been successfully treat that way. And I had a dog with a very serious illness (Cushing's disease) which we controlled completely with acupuncture.

    -- also this would be advantageous if you are nursing and want to avoid ingesting more medications than absolutely necessary.
  3. I get awful cramps my first day. I take alleve (naproxen sodium) and drink Chammomile tea and that seems to help me. I do have to have a heating pad, too! After a few hours, I seem to be okay. Mind you, my cramps have made me vomit in the past :sad:

    I also try to get plenty of calcium and exercise during the month, too.

    HTH :sad: poor thing!
  4. I've been getting really bad cramps lately because I need to replace my Mirena IUD. So the IUD DEFINITELY helps with the cramps. If you're open to getting one you could ask your doctor about it.
  5. I get really bad cramps every time, along with low blood pressure and such. I looked for the medication I was prescribed, and I'm going to mention the active ingredient because I'm in Mexico and brand names might be different.

    The box says it's and anti-spasmodic agent called buthilioscine. It works wonders, believe me.
  6. I get them bad, too, at times. Just a few months ago, I began BC pills to help lessen the cramps each month. I usually take vicodin and use a heating pad, and the vicodin works well. I know it's hard to think of it when you are in this type of pain, but try to exercise, like walking, as it releases, essentially, our own internal painkillers.
  7. You know, you may want to talk to your ob/gyn about this. I know some people develop fibroids and certain scarring not related to C-section, but hormones and/or infection.

    I'm a big fan of core exercises as a way to help improve against back pain.
  8. Oh my!!

    just yesterday I got my Period. They were the worse cramps and the most awful feeling.

    Not only am I bloated, but my stomach is so gassy. I literally puked every content yesterday. had to leave work early. worse feeling ever.

    when I got home, I drank some ginger tea.

    simply take some water to boil and add some grated ginger into it. when it boils, grab a strainer and pour into your tea cup.

    Its really strong but it helps out a bit. must drink it hot (but not to hot)

    My lower back also hurts.
  9. I take BC b/c I used to get the worst cramps ever- I couldnt do anything but lie in bed all day and cry! They even made me throw up sometimes, it was awful. Now that im on the pill I hardly get anything.
  10. Thanks ladies. I can home from my sons baptism the other night and too a vicoden to go to sleep. I didn't get any sleep at all that night. It seem that I have the flu and it was starting in. I'm sure part of this is cramps making it even more miserable. But yeah not fun.
  11. Hi there, sorry to hear about your pain. I got awful cramps after having my second child for many months especially at menstrual time and notably when i was needing the toilet. They eased gradually and i found that once I got back to an exercise routine it was quite a relief. Sometimes I think the body takes a while to get back to normal, pregnancy is a bit too much of a strain sometimes...
  12. Exactly. Pregnancy can cause fibroids to form on your uterus, which can cause a lot of menstrual pain. The good news is that they're treatable, so you should definitely talk to a GP or your OB/GYN about it.