Awful Celeb fashion.

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  1. I'm bored tonight, so I decided to liven things up by starting a thread with awful celeb fashion. Here is my submission. Whats up with those blue shoes? Did scarlett get dressed in the dark?
  2. Oh, I have one that is verrry hard to beat...check this out and try not to laugh. At first glance, she looked she she was going to fly around with Peter Pan!!! (Not a celeb but on the difference I guess since I'm sure some celebs would buy this)
  3. OMG!!thats tooo funnyyyy...what show is this at???
  4. oh dear, heatherette is at it again...
  5. That is funny! It does look like it wants to go have some fun with Peter boy ;)
  6. lol!
  7. Actually don't mind the color but I'm not liking the style of the shoe nor do I like the hosiery. Why does Scarlett stand like a small child in every photo?
  8. i think she's trying to project sort of a lolita-like image. i've seen other pics of her in that dress where her boobs were absolutely pushed up to her chin and busting out of it. she kinda gets on my nerves.
  9. I didn't like her in Lost in Translation and haven't seen her in any other film so I guess I can limit my opinion to how annoying she was in that movie. And yeah, there is a lot of boobage - sometimes too much, in her photos.
  10. I thought Scarlett Johanson was really gorgeous in that movie, "The Island" starring opposite to sexy "Obi Wan Konobi" (forgot his real name).
  11. Ewen Mcgreggor or however you spell it. Irissy thanks for cheering me up with "Obi Wan Konobi" comment.
  12. Scarlett reminds me alot of a porcelain doll. She has that really pale skin, and the way her hair is styled.
  13. i have some treats for you :sick:
    fug1.jpg fug2.jpg
  14. kelly's teeth look yellow in that pic - think she needs a toothbrush
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