Awful buyer!!!!

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  1. Help. I sold one of my brand new and authentic DVF dresses on ebay for only $44.00 when it was worth $345.00 and this buyer just emailed me and told me I need to refund her $10.00 because the dress is sheer. She says she has to buy a camisole now, and it will cost $10.00. I had stated in the auction that the dress is sheer. BTW she has had the dress for over a month now. I just looked at this buyers feedback that she has left for other sellers and she has left over 20 negative feedback to other sellers for DVF dresses. When the seller responded to her negative feedback they state that she has nickeled and dimed them to death. What should I do? I'm planning on contacting ebay first and tell them that I will refund her $10.00, so she can buy a camisole for this dress. My concern is she will open a dispute and get to keep the dress and the $10.00 I refund her through paypal, plus the original fee she paid for the dress. So I will be out the dress, $10.00 and the $44.00. I would rather she just ship the dress back to me. She also bid on two more of my DVF dresses and I'm sure she will want money back again or complain. I have been so lucky to have no negative feedback, since I've been on ebay over 4 years and now I got the buyer from hell. Any advice?
  2. Lol she wants you to refund her 10 dollars just so she can buy a camisole because she didnt read the auction properly and has suddenly realised after a month its sheer?? To be honest id just refund her the 10 dollars, maybe contact ebay or something and state whats happened so they know whats going on. At the end of the day it is only 10 dollars (although its almost half of what you ended up getting) and it might just get her off your back.

    Some people are just idiots and some people are just plain greedy, im suprised half of them dont just say look i dont actually want to pay for the thing i bought so im going to screw you over so i can get it for free.
  3. Well, if it were me I wouldn't refund her the $10 and would just take the negative, chances are she'll leave you one anyway. You can respond to her feedback just as other sellers did, I wouldn't let one negative worry you too much. I would offer to take the dress back (at her expense of shipping back) if she's not happy and tell her you'll issue a refund upon return. But no to the $10, I know it's just ten bucks but sometimes it's standing up for yourself and the principal of the thing.

    If she's bid on your other auctions, have they ended yet? You can cancel her bids and by all means block her!

  4. Thanks for your advice. Yes, that's what I was planning on doing. I'm going to email her back through ebay messages and tell her I will refund her $10.00, but I will also note that I did list that in the auction. I will also contact ebay, so they can note that I'm refunding her $10.00 and I will also bring to their attention that she has done this 20 times before and have them look at all of the negative feedback and money she received back for many other DVF dresses. She had also bid on two other DVF dresses and will be receiving those any day now. I bet she will try to get money back again. She is very greedy!!!!
  5. Linda: Thanks for you advice. I would rather just take the dress back and I know she will leave negative feedback. The problem is she has already bid on two other DVF dresses I have sold and she should be getting them any day now. She lives in Japan. I will be blocking her, so she can never bid on my auctions again. I will contact ebay and paypal and ask them what I should do. I know if I make her return the dress, she will leave three negatives and most likely go through ebays new refund policy and get money back for all three dresses.
  6. If she has this merchandise for 30 days and now she wants a $10 credit..

    she can't be serious and if she does leave you negative feedback would respond

    with your feedback as well.

    would call ebay to find out what there stand is on taking back merchandise that

    is over 30 days old when buyer admits to not reading the description..

    and do not think you should give her the $10 and if you do take the dress back

    would inspect and smell to see if she did wear it and then issue a refund...
  7. You should have not sold her the other two dreses. Why didn't you cancel her bids?

    I wouldn't refund her anything. I'd take the negative but seeing as how you are now might get three negatives.. I don't know. How much feedback do you have? Would it make a huge dent? Personally I don't shy away when I see feedback that it isn't 100%. And unless the feedback % is very low, or when I'm bidding on something designer, I don't even look.
  8. #8 Feb 18, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2010
    If I had known she was going to be an awful buyer I would have blocked her. She bought all three dresses within three days apart and now it's too late to cancel. I did email her back and told her I'm sorry she feels the dress is too sheer, but it was listed like that in the auction. I also told her she can either return the dress and I will refund her or I can refund the $10.00 so she can buy a camisole.
    She just emailed me back and stated:

    "Ok,please refund $10. I like this dress. Thank you."

    So I do have this message saved in my ebay message center, in case she leaves negative feedback or tries to get more money out of me. I would not normally give a partial refund, since the dress is the same as stated in the auction, but she has already bought two other dresses from me. Thanks

  9. I did contact ebay and they told me I don't have to give her a partial refund, but it was up to me. They did understand my concern of this buyer leaving 20 other negative feedback for other sellers and will look into this. I did email her back and told her she can return the dress and I will refund the dress if she doesn't like it or I will refund $10.00 so she can buy a camisole. It is all documented in the ebay message center and I will do the same in the refund through paypal. I normally would not give a partial refund for this request, but she has bought two other dresses from me. She is blocked from ever buying from me again!!!!
  10. Buy tyvek bands to wrap through tags or sleeves or whatever. So they can try it on but can't wear it to a function without it showing,

    Tell her to send it back for a refund (no shpping refund) and re-list. All tags have to be attached and dress must be in new, unworn condition.

    Or tell her to go fly a kite.

    NO PARTIALS. Do not fall for this trap.

    Please post the seller ID. Did you ask on the ebay CAB? I bet they know this buyer.

    And Block Her NOW!
  11. Yeah, I wouldn't have caved in to her on this one. I would have made her file a dispute if that's what she was going to do. I guarantee you she will ask for money back on the other two dresses now and she just MAY leave you negs on all three transactions anyway.

    Be sure to block her and please give us her user id so that we can block her as well.
  12. Her ebay id is: kokko1116

    She has not left any feedback for the dresses she has bought from me yet. She also only buys under this ID and at first I thought she was a good buyer, because she paid in 4 days and bought three of my items. She also has perfect feedback as a seller, but I never looked at her feedback as a buyer until I got her email this morning. She has done this same thing many times, but she has also left a lot of positive feedback to other sellers. Since she has emailed me that she likes this dress and has bought two more from me I will just refund her. I would not be surprised if she does the same thing with the other dresses she bought from me. I will not give her anymore partial refunds if she tries to get refunds for those dresses too. I have blocked her, so she can never buy my items again!!!
  13. I'll just bet she likes the dress, she's apparently a pro at this refund tactic! I personally would not have given her a partial, it only encourages her to do this over and over again and be prepared for more demands when she gets the other two dresses. She'll still have you over a barrel until feedback for all of them is left. Unless a seller stands up to her she will not stop. Even if she leaves you a negative and you contact Ebay it's not likely they will remove it. They'll only remove feedback due to policy violations, otherwise they'll just tell you it's the buyer's opinion and they can leave a negative if they choose, even after you give a refund.


  14. Thanks Linda. I know if I don't give her a partial refund on this dress, she will open 3 disputes for all three of the dresses she bought from me and then and leave negative feedback like she has done to other sellers.
  15. Fake DVF.No style name tag.Returned,but she didn't refund return fee,liar,beware Seller: viennag ( 518) Feb-06-10 02:56
    Reply by viennag (Feb-06-10 04:47):
    Buyer has sent threats although total refund was sent. Mean & nasty!

    Here is one of the feedback remarks she left and seller left. I hope I don't go through this with her!!!